301 Hooper St
Brooklyn, NY 11211-7341

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The landlord in this building is negligent. There is a clear issue with bed bugs and they refuse to adress is properly. I've spent my own money on private extermination, thrown out furniture, and had the landlord fumigate and still got reinfested. If this doesn't change the city should definitely step in to make this building more inhabitable. Would never recommend this building to anyone due to the bug situation.

i lived here for 4 years ...bedbugs almost continually...I threw out everything and slept on the floor...still would get bites...and when girs would spend the night they would get bit real bad...the guy on the first floor had them so bad he didnt sleep...because they bite you in the early morning...its horrible and i think they were there because the building is so pakcked with people....they were in everything i had..I was reading Gravitys Rainbow and I remember being on the train and i flippe

dhte page and a big fat red bed bug was there! There was no way i could have a bed there....

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Spring Summer Fall 2008 and Spring 2009

bed bugs found in bedroom , kitchen , books

spring and fall 2007

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