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I recently spoke with the landlord regarding infested apartments because he had sent a note of mandatory inspection of the building. He denied that Apartment 9 had them and that the tenants 'thought that they were bedbugs but they were something else.' But those tenants had called 311 and it is on record here (enter the building info on the right side of the screen):


Anyone who finds bedbugs should report them to 311 immediately. Unfortunate

ly, it's the only way to ensure that management will take appropriate action. But it's also a start to making a public record of the larger problem.

Now all apartments are receiving treatment and/or inspection every 2 weeks... but it's unclear what's going on.

The latest apartments that have had infestation are:
2,5,6,9 (current),27,29 (from previous post),33 (current). Apt 33 is directly above 27. This has been going on for over a year. The bedbugs are spreading... will it ever end?

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Tenants in Apartment #29 started showing signs of bedbug infestation a few months after #27 got them. Then on January 22nd adult bed bug samples were capture by the tenants to prove this was just not paranoia.

It is said that this all started with one tenant who neglected to be diligent in the cleaning and removal of personal property that was severely infested with bed bugs, thus causing the problem to worsen. Along side with management not tackling the issue head on before several other

apartments became infested.

It is believed that if the landlord does not take care of the entire building, then the bedbugs will simply move from one unit to the other until each and every respectable tenant has been tortured.

see full report...

Apartments 1,2,6,9,27 have had bedbugs. Apartment 9 currently does. It started with just a few but seem to have spread. The noted apartments have been treated, but the entire building has not.

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