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After they renovated the apartment above and next to ours in August we had a horrible roach infestation (also a leaky ceiling that grew a mushroom overnight - not feeling so hot about this place right now). We hadn't seen any bedbugs nor had any bites prior to leaving for all of September but our house sitter contacted us on the 9th of September alerting us to some bites she'd noticed. When we returned we found a dead bed bug in bed with us the morning after our first sleep (this was under a wee

k ago) we have since seen three dead bugs and three small live bugs. We had the beagle come and sniff out the place and he seemed very interested in the pipe that runs through our bedroom, suggesting that the infestation, as with the roaches, came through when they gutted the above apartment. We are having our first session with the PCO tomorrow but are concerned that this is a bigger, building wide problem since they seem to have come to us through the pipes. We're taking every precaution to have these guys eliminated because, after over five years of living here, this place is home and frankly, what's on the market around here is pretty darn grim.

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I've lived here for over 3 years and never had a bedbug bite. I live on the 5th floor, south side. Great place but I guess you never know with bedbugs.

I had them once before in the East Village.

I read the last post from 8/7/11. I have posted here before. I am concerned about Apartment 1B. There are people in and out of there ALL the time. A woman who doesn't live there, but is somehow related to them, comes over and babysits a child there. Lots of different people go in that apartment, and if someone who goes in there regularly got the bedbugs from them, then that same person could bring them back there--even after they were exterminated. I don't think that apartment is legally a babys

itting operation but that's the way it is. I live on a floor above that apartment. I have walked by when the apartment door was open and saw clothes piled up on the floor about 4 feet high and 2 feet wide. I know that the apartment next door had bugs crawling in her apartment years ago (I think they were cockroaches? but maybe not). Some guys live in that apartment and I guess they are really unclean. I talked to the landlord about how do we know if they got rid of them. He said "oh they did." How do we know if they really did get rid of them? Obviously if they had them for a long time they could care less about cleanliness. Will someone check on them?

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As of today there are between 6 and 7 apartments that are infested with bedbugs. One of them is on floor C on the southside of the building and the rest are between floor B and C on the northside of the building as far as I know from speaking with my neighbors and the exterminator.
As you can see from previous entries, apartment 1C has had bedbugs on and off since 2008 along with a few other units. According to the landlord, this is because apartment 1B (right below 1C) has a very bad case for

years and was not telling management or taking care of the problem. 1C has since moved out of the building.
That being said, the landlord has sent Kingsway extermination to the building four times to try to eradicate them however I live on the 5th floor (floor E) and found a single bedbug in my bathroom sink in between the 3rd and 4th extermination visit. Upon the fourth visit by the exterminator they said that my apartment did not seem to be infested..yet. But that it must have made it into my apartment by either coming in on my clothes or coming in through the pipes which means they are in the walls and up and down the wiring/plumbing of the building and are moving fast.
Clearly this is not something that will be solved unless the landlord takes extreme measures. Simply spraying all of the apartments in the building is not effective and further steps need to be made, i.e. dusting indisde the walls of every unit, etc.
I have already called the landlord but more tenants need to call them if they are going to take this seriously. We need to band together to fight this thing!

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Apt 1C is INFESTED with bedbugs again. Several other apts in the building also have bedbugs. I am moving out and caution you not move into this building. The landlord uses a cheap exterminator who does not fix the problem. It is a lost cause.

I have lived in apt 1C at 390 Hooper Street for a little over a year. I had bedbugs and was exterminated the summer of 2010.

I'm not sure if the landlord is attempting to rectify the public records by posting comments pretending to be a tenant. But I think anyone who lives in this building, or is considering living in this building should know that there were definitely bedbugs in apt 1C in 2010. I found a bedbug and brought it to an exterminator who identified it as a bed bug. I haven't had

a problem since the extermination.

And to be clear, Kingsway DID in fact exterminate my apartment (I checked the receipt from Kingsway).

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I am the person who filed the first complaint on August 14 2008. I am writing this time because I saw the false report that Brian at Kingsway made on 9/13/2009. We do not use Kingsway in our building. We use ABCO. Our landlord and building aren't that great (REALLY NOT THAT GREAT), but it pisses me off that a company would write that bedbugs are in a building just so they can get business. I asked the people in Apartment 1C if they ever had bedbugs and they said NO.
I have not had any since 20

08 and my neighbors have not told me about any problems and I have asked them. And I don't know if I had them then, although my next door neighbors (who have moved out) did have them. I got my apartment exterminated then because I was freaked out about my neighbors problem. So Brian I guess I'll report your company to the Better Business Bureau ok? Keep filing false reports so you can get business jerk. You also do not know how to spell.

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September 14, 2009-- I just got the bed bugs. I live in apt 1C (3rd floor, northside)

August 4th, 2008--So far three apartments in this building on the north side of the building--two on the 2nd floor and one on the 4th floor. I found a bug on my bed and people said it looked like a bedbug. The landlord had an exterminator come and told me that another apartment had called about them the day before. It turns out it was my next door neighbors. I told everyone I could in the building and found out that one month before this a neighbor had had them two floors up and said he got rid

of them. I want to move but don't think that is possible right now. The building is really old and dirty, and the super is usually too incapacitated to do his job. I don't think they will ever really be gone from this building. I wonder how long it takes to make sure they are gone.

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