286 S 2nd St
Brooklyn, NY 11211-5412

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Exterminators came over to apt. 5-C about 2 months ago.there were a bedbug problem.

Correction ..it is not 5F, 5D where he entered ..

The exterminator came by on the 12th of January 2009 to exterminate apt.5D The sofa were left on the hallway on the 5th floor and the other piece on the lobby for a few hours.

April 27, 2009, Apartment 1F

Got here in January, was fine until late April when I started getting bites. Like 2F, no sign of bugs, eggs or anything else, but the appt is not very well sealed so I figure there's plenty of hiding spots. Will be out of here in June, and god I hope this is the last time I run into this...

July 19, 2008. Apartment 2F.

Apartment was vacant when we moved in. We were told there was a fire a few months before below our unit. Now I wonder if there were bed bugs too. Or a fire at all. Possibly vacant due to infestation? Half of the baseboards have spaces below them and do not meet the floor. Holes in and around sockets. Around the 10th of July my wife began to get bites. Now we are both getting them. We can't see bugs signs anywhere. Or at least no feces or bugs themselves. But we d

efinitely have bites. Blood spots on sheets. We just moved back to Brooklyn less than 3 weeks ago after 3 years in DC and this is incredibly disappointing. If the management company/landlord/super knew of this problem beforehand it is despicable they would not properly treat the place and ensure our safety. We have exterminators coming Monday. I hope this will be one treatment. We got the place through King David Realty brokers and the building is run by SHA Realty. Just a heads up! Ask questions!

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