595 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211-3605

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hi this is one of the man that lives in this building for many years.I heard complains about bed bugs in few apts landlord took care of the problems right away.But landlord does not brings those bugs. who bring those bugs are people who pick up anything they find in the street. SO STOP PICK UP FROM THE STREET AND STOP BLAMING LANDLORD.

I wrote in on 02/07/09 and want to report. NO MORE BED BUGS. Our landlord exterminated 2 times and besides my little freak out moment there we havent seen another bug of any kind for 4 months. The landlord asked us every time he saw us if we saw any and he would exterminate again for us. He was so kind and helpful with the whole situation.
The bugs didnt return with the warm weather. Im sure the place is clean now.
Bed bugs are scary, but controllable. Our landlord has taken the bull by the h

orns and gotten this under control. Thanks so much.

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i live in this building and the landlord is right on top of the problem as soon as we reported it, he is a very nice guy and willing to help with the cost. But the exterminator came and sprayed everything, but i just got more bits, more like welts on me. does anyone else in the building have them??? i want to know how bad it is and if i need to move? thanks

I live in this building as well, we have had the place sprayed two or three times now and it\'s still a problem, I think it\'s time to have a professional come in. Any suggestions?

we have exterminated twice and just saw another bug in the bathroom. The landlord is a good person who has immediately sent over the exterminator at our request twice. I wouldnt call our case as bad as some. We go a while with no bites and havent been able to find any infestations. It is frustrating because we dont know what to do at this point. My worry is that they live in the walls or are coming from another apt. We are moving. This sucks.

This entire apartment building is INFESTED! Renter beware, I lost every piece of furniture I owned, spent thousands in extermination and eventually had to move. The landlords will do NOTHING ABOUT THE PROBLEM.

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