243 Jackson St
Brooklyn, NY 11211-1550

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243 Jackson St.
Wednesday, June 3rd 2009

Irritated bites occurred on various parts of the body, appearing similar to the bite of a mosquito. After pulling back the sheets of the mattress, a single bug was discovered on the side. Further excavating revealed several more on the wooden frame, near the zipper of the mattress cover, near bed seams...Tape caught a few at the legs of the bed, and several more were found underneath the clear tape. Shells and black specks were found in the corn

ers of the room and on linens. The bugs did not move quickly.

This apartment apparently has had previous issues with bedbugs. One roommate mentioned a past incident, but says there hasn\'t been a problem in a while and has never recognized bites or bugs.

The landlord has supplied a steamer but recommended not to call an exterminator.

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