2020 Avenue O
Brooklyn, NY 11210-5044

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i totally agree with skate or die,the landlord is just a piece of garbage that has no right to live in this world,and anyone who disagrees has never met this loser(the landlord),as far as bedbugs go this building is crawling with them,at least 15 tenants have had to have serious begbug treatrments,and i know of many who keep trying to kill them on their own symply because they don't want to have to call the managers office and have to deal with this moron.oh yeah the landlord made himself the ma

naging agent so he could go arround bullying people and rip his mother off,this loser landlord really owns nothing.also know this,,if you have bedbugs the landlord is responsible for the damages that result,for example matresses,couches,clothing even doctors bills,this inbecil landlord would go arround yelling and threatining people with legal action if they did not get rid of their belongings that had gotten infested with bedbugs.a good number of his tenants are older russian imigrants so they would feel intimidated and just comply,but believe me if you stand up to this asshole landlord he will fold like the spineless coward that he is

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Skate or die (1st post) is an idiot, yes there are bed bugs but plenty of buildings (owned by wasps, chinese, italians, etc...) have them. 2020 Avenue O has a bad landlord but Skate or die is also a dick.

A few months sense we moved out - left all our furniture and staff behind. we very scared to take the bedbugs to a new location - not sure if we got lucky and left them behind.
the landlord is a fucking idiot- that is how he gets people out of his building so he can increase the rent for the next victim. I wish he will bring those bugs to his house.

used to live in 2020 ave. O they totally got them bed bugs yo int he walls and everywere had to move and throw out alot of new stuff its a shame the landlord of this building is a fuckign jew and his a really mean looking jew that needs to be shot on the spot

he didnt tell us anythign abotu the bugs even thougth he knew abotu them for many month i had to find out my self when i cought one and then another man i would love to have some one give this fucker a lesson " the landlord i mean"

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