7420 Ridge Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11209

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um yeAH i dont think anyone was questioning the epidemic and it's world wide and hits everywhere and everyone at any time doesnt mean your less of a person. but what did you do to fix it . the reason of the site is to share knowledge so if maybe you can tell what you did and it can help some one. not sure if you ever had the problem but its like having a constant fire every day , and picking up and leaving behind eveything you owned and moving on isnt as easy as you think.

There are no bed bugs here, there were in the past just like there were bed bugs in many other places, even in high rent luxury areas like upper east side and many stores in Manhattan, people blaming the super for this problem are ridiculous no one can control the spread of bed bugs and any intellectual person can figure out that the bed bug epidemic was widespread so just get over it and move on, so many miserable ppl living here.

well shoot you must be the first building to get ride of all bedbugs in all of ny tell us how it was done? exterminator? gut rehabb? share your knowledge with the rest of us. are you landlord or tenant.cause there are alot of people suffering elswhere

There are no Bed bugs in this building any longer. This should be taken off the internet!!!! I live here with my family and we wouldn't be here if there was a problem!

Tenants on in several units of 7420 have reported bedbugs since July 2007. Several have moved due to this problem. The building has its own exterminator, but it is unclear at this time how effective these efforts have been, as the entire building has not been treated.

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