301 81st St
Brooklyn, NY 11209

Found 2 reports:

Apartment lines #3 and #8 are infested w/BB's and they are traveling. Apt#3 threw out Mattress & Boxsping covered in BB feces & blood stains, tenants left apt. and an exterminator has sprayed 2x, which sent BB's in all stages into ceiling light fixtures in other apts in #3 line. #8 line has been infected for weeks. Landlord has requested that tenants hire someone to get rid of them and then landlord says he will reimburse tenants. When tenants called 311 to report initial #3 infestation and t

hat landlord was not treating adjoining apts. on 6/5/2012 "Operator Ruby" told caller that 311 would not and could not accept a BB complaint on an apartment other than the one they reside in.

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The landlord verified June 3, 2012 that there are bedbugs and that the exterminator is scheduled for June 5, 2012 for the infested apt. But where in this 60 unit bldg?

No nearby bug reports