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My family have been getting occasional bites for the past 6-7 weeks, we thought it was from mosquitos, last night I felt something on my back, rubbed it and rolled whatever it was into a ball, killing it, I could not find a body though. Anout 30 minutes later i felt something else tickling my back I caught this one and on getting to the bathroom found a bloody mess in my hands with the body of the bedbug, ( I have seen the pics on line), I went back into the room and using a flashlight saw an ad

ult on my bed and anotjher two on the window blinds. I am at work, cannot concentrate am FREAKING OUT!Thank god it is Friday and I can spend the weekend destroying them, On Tuesday we have pest control coming so we will move onto the next phases of destruction then.We are not the 1st apartment to have this problem I know of at least 5 other apartments who have been infested. We got ours from upstairs.

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