7201 Ridge Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11209-2111

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Fuck this place, the landlord is an unbelievable uncaring person (doesn't even remember my name half the time and doesn't have a management company taking care of the building OR EVEN AN EMAIL!) and is letting this building rot. I have had bed bugs FOR MONTHS we went through the entire treatment and still have them, almost every week theres another mattress on the curbside from our building wrapped in plastic. STAY AWAY PLEASE DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING! PLEASE!

I have bed bugs. I keep getting exterminated and nothing changes. I want to move but scared I'll take them with me. Stay away!


I have bed bugs. The building is always dirty. The elevator always stinks. There's a roach plague. Did I mention I now have bed bugs. This building is disgusting!! I want to break my lease and move

7201 Realty LLC
Madelein Behette
521 85th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209

Madeleine Behette
7201 Realty LLC
521 85th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209


This building is infested with Bed Bugs. Apparently it has been going on for many years. She leaves it to the tenant to contact her exterminator whom must be making a fortune off of her. She knows the background of the building yet will tell you to your face that there's no history of Bed Bugs. She tries to blame the infestation on new tenants that move in (aka: it must have been the moving truck).
All the tenants in the building should get together and take her to court because she is not fixi

ng the problem. Or all the tenants should complain constantly and loudly cause eventually she just gives in and says that you can move out (be sure to get it in writing so your a** is covered). Otherwise keep calling the exterminator and let your rent go through her straight to them.

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My bed room for the last two months (September to October) has been infested and we believe it is due to the apartment complex due to the fact we rarely, if ever, have people over.

It's so gross!

august 2006 - september 2009. bedbugs. irreperable, immovable bedbugs. and a completely negligent landlady. we threw out many, many things and they just kept infesting. we moved. it was apartment f5. BEWARE. don't move to this building!

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