252 Melrose St
Brooklyn, NY 11206

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I moved into the second floor of this 3 floor, 2 apartments per floor, apartment building on September 1st, 2006. I was getting a lot of cockroaches in the apartment when I first moved in - that should have been my first clue. After 2 weeks of fighting roaches with Combat, I woke up one morning with a bumpy rash on my lower back. My skin is pretty healthy, I'm not allergic to anything really, and I shower daily so this rash was definitely out of the ordinary for me. I went to my doctor to fi

nd out what the rash was. I was horrified to learn that this wasn't a rash - I had bed bug bites! Within the first "outbreak" the rash had spread to my ankles, legs, back, and arms. I was totally horrified! Learning that bed bugs were biting me while I was innocently sleeping is truly one of the worst things that has ever happened to me. Then the next day after I got the bed bugs news, a big-ass waterbug pretty much jumped out at me in the apartment. That was the damn, last straw. I threw out my bed, sofa, most of my linens, and clothes and packed up anything that was left over and moved the heck outta there. The landlord was pretty sympathetic to my ordeal but the other tenants in the building, including the useless Super who lived on the first floor could care less.
I moved out and never looked back at that bed bug infested, roach dwelling, nasty-ass building.

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