114 Forrest St
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Found 7 reports:

I have been living here for 8 months, there have been no issues with bed bugs. Thank God!

the 1st floor compound has not had any issues with bugs in the 9 months i've been here, rodents have been spotted and treated.

Been living here for 4 months and not one of the 12 tenants in the first floor unit have any bedbugs or remember ever having any.

Apparently still has bed bugs. Exterminator still cant get rid of em.

The building is still infected after being treated for 7 months with the first floor still coping with lots of bites. New exterminator will begin treating the building this week.

Landlord has been very cooperative and had exterminator work nights and weekends, and got the whole building covered. So far so good. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Started noticing bites around the middle of October. Got much worse through November. Have been treating room with diatomaceous earth, and it's been getting better.

The guys in the next apartment (first floor) have mentioned bedbugs too. I know previously one of my roommates had them, but they seemed to have disappeared from his room. The guys in the room across from his had them in the summer, but they haven't seemed to bother the two people who've lived in that room since.

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