27 Arion Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11206-6001

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Bedbugs on lower level.

There are three of us in our apartment. One started to complain about bites each day for the past few weeks (three weeks ago today). For various reasons it was assumed to be a skin reaction to something else until it became obvious this week. We removed one of the mattresses and found some on the box spring.

I am in the process of moving, but will alert the building. The discovery of live bed bugs was late last night, so I can't comment on management's response... though I've always liked the


I suppose to a certain degree you don't get that kind of building with that kind of community - I mean that in a positive way, but there is a lot of "cross-pollination" without some of these things happening. I'm trying to keep it positive, but I get the feeling this is going to cost a lot of money and a major loss of sleep.

I won't mention our apartment number because people can get pretty intense about the topic - but it's the second floor.

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this building is raging with bed bugs and other disgusting vermin. the landlords dont care. dont move here! This is the Opera House Lofts

For two weeks now our apartment has been infested with bed bugs. We have documented over 130 in these two weeks between two persons in the same apartment number, as well as numerous other tenants of other apartments with similar accounts.

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