260 Moore St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-3852

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I'm looking at a room here. Are there any updates?

We moved into this building in January 2009, and began getting bites shortly thereafter. Two full beds had been left in the apartment, with no attempt by the landlord to remove them. After calling their exterminator, washing everything, throwing wooden furniture and beds away, etc, the bedbugs remained until we moved out in August.

When the exterminator showed up, he mentioned that he was going to ask his boss to never be assigned to 260 Moore ever again, because it's "a lost cause," and

that he'd just have to come back again within a month, to another apartment, and do the same thing.

The landlord now claims it was our apartment's fault that the entire floor got bedbugs, in spite of using their exterminators and the building having a terrible bedbug history dating years before we moved in. Avoid.

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My two friends and I lived in this building for a year. When I first moved in, I was very happy with the apartment but over time I became more and more anxious about the building. the boys who were our next-apt-over neighbors told us around dec '08 that they had gotten infested with bedbugs but we had not had any problems with them. I had the bedbug fumigator come as preventive measure, and sprayed all the baseboards. In this building it really varies from apartment to apartment. my best advice

is make sure you have baseboards in your apt before you move in and they are SEALED. some of the lofts that have been modified or built out don't have baseboards!

My first place in the area was at 315 Seigel. We never had any problems there, but it seems like a common issue in the neighborhood and my only advice is to protect your own apt. Reality is you will never live in a loft building in this area that is totally immaculate. Most of your neighbors are probably slobs.

That said, there are a multitude of reasons I would not live in 260 Moore again but bedbugs are not the reason. The realty company who owns it is sketchy as hell. Make sure when you deal with them that you keep track of every payment you have made or any paper that exchanges hands. They tried to do the "you missed a month's rent" thing on us. And we had never missed a single payment. When you move out, the only way to get your security deposit back will be to visit their office IN PERSON and harass them to give it to you. I can say the best thing about this building is the super. He will come to fix anything you want, fast. Nicest guy ever.

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DO NOT LIVE HERE!!! While living in this building for the past year we had nothing but problems with bedbugs. We called the landlord (La Perst Realty) several times, with no help. Finally the exterminator came (late, and first to the wrong address) and after still having problems and many calls later the exterminator came again (on the wrong day). After calls and calls and missed visits, the management company eventually sent us a letter stating that WE must fix the problem or WE will be the one

s dealing with the consequences (A THREAT!!)


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call 311 and report it!!!! then send a registered letter via usps to the landlord/office. keep and paper trail and don't pay your rent until it gets fixed!! tell everyone in the building to do the same!!!

260 Moore Street Apartment 107 (and some others) are infested with bed bugs.
The landlord sent exterminator will exterminate till the cows come home but the bugs are in the walls and hide and then re-appear. Do not move here do not stay here. You cannot fight a losing battle. Save your $$ and time and stay away from apartment 107.

The whole building is infested with Bedbugs. I suppose it was only a matter of time, seeing as so many buildings in this area have been reporting them. We need help! The landlords are doing very little to correct this problem and are raising rent rates despite the lack of attention to this issue.

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