250 Moore St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-3815

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I reported before and my report is gone?


4th floor had a HUGE bedbug problem. It was my girlfriends apartment, but i spotted an killed a number of the pests myself. She lived in the apartment from September 2008-September 2009. In that time the landlord actually removed a large wooden structure from her room and rebuilt it, but he problem persisted. I think they live in the walls and can hide from sprays in there.

This was a terrible problem and caused us both much grief. If reports are being dropped from this site that is

unforgivable because the building seems to have an unstoppable infestation.

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I lived in this building and moved out in August of 2008 because of bed bugs. We spent a month of spraying, cleaning and sleeping on the floor because we threw out our bedding.

We would still find bugs on double-sided tape we put around our sleeping bags. It\'s a building-wide problem. Moving into this building is as good as loosing all of your possessions in a fire.

I reported this on this site at one point - but my report disappeared.

This building is a disaster area. We had them come back three times despite being poisoned by three rounds of shady chemicals, before finally calling it quits. I would guess that at least 1/3, if not more of this building has gone through the same. The landlords are awful in dealing with the situation and will only go the cheapest and most-toxic route to eliminate the problem. The exterminators we had here knew less about the critters than we did from a little bit of research. HORRIFIC EXPERIENC


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The fact that 8 or so bed bug incidents were reported at this location, and yet are no longer here is extremely shady. I KNOW there are bed bugs in this building. There are buggy mattresses/furniture on the curb outside weekly. My upstairs neighbor has bed bugs--the building exterminator told me! Where did the reports go? There is no point to this web site if a shady landlord can threaten the site into taking REAL reports down.

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