210 Humboldt St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-2209

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Hey there... the terrible bastards. Starting at the beginning of August or so my roommate started getting bites. The beginning of Sept 2014, I started getting them as well. we informed our landlord and he said no one else had complained... Only to realize through talking to our neighbors that the apartment below ours had had beg bugs. They had an exterminator come and use pesticides and that is when they started getting really bad for us. I spotted one crawling on my pillow. We had an exterminat

or come a week ago today, but sadly my roommate has found another one in a bed trap she purchased.

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How bad is it? Is there really mice in the building, I am planning to move here but now I'm not sure?

Hi found a bedbug in apt 12. I don't mind being a pariah if it means keeping the infestation from spreading. I started noticing bites on my wrists 2 days ago, and last night woke up to catch and kill one of the buggers in a ziploc bag. According to this building's exterminator, this building has quite an infestation in a couple of parts of it. If you have bites on your extremities, or on any parts of your skin that are not covered by clothing when you sleep, call the landlord!

I've been living in the building (fourth floor) for two years now, some people one the first and second floor have been complaining about bedbugs, but I always kept my apartment clean nor did I sleep in cheap motels and I NEVER ENCOUNTERED THEM not even a roach. Once I though for a second that we do have bedbugs and the landlord had a representative in my apartment within 3 hours - MAYBE BECAUSE I'M HOT :-)

My point here is - TO ALL MY DEAR LOVELY NEIGHBORS - I love you all! but for your own

sanity PLEASE don't sleep in cheap motels or bring in furniture from the street, this is the only real way to keep'em out!

Again, love ya'll!

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I haven't been able to stay in my apartment for weeks now. Found bed bugs at beginning of April, we were treated one week later followed all procedures before and after the exterminator came (cleaning/vacuuming/etc.) and have already begun to find new ones. There is a problem in this building, not only with bed bugs but mice and roaches as well.

Found a motherload in my bedspring and tossed it out, but I do believe they are still here after a exterminator visit...

Apt 27, First saw them early June 2010, it's mid-July and they're still not gone after 2 visits by exterminator.

6/1/10--Lots of bedbugs. I hate bedbugs. Don't you? That's why there's a website dedicated to them. Right?

They infested every bed room in the place. The exterminator came two times. Hopefully it worked.

the address is 210 Humboldt st #7 Brooklyn, NY 11206 and for some time now my son has had a rash os so i thought when we looked on-line we saw it was bedbugs so he did some investigating and found a whole nest of them in his futon bed. the had multipied by the hundreds if not thousands. he took some pics but needless to say it was discusting. we did some cleanig and thank goodness we haven't seen them in a while but alot of my neighbors are infested...

Infestation of bedbugs, appearing in April of 2008.

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