54 Maujer St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-1004
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Found 2 reports:

In 2007, the first ever complaint of bed bugs was made to our office from 2 apartments, and it was rectified a short while later with one visit from the exterminator. In 2008, we had no repeat calls from those apartments. However, 2 other apartments had issues that year. In 2009, we had one apartment that complained of bed bugs. In 2010, 2 apartments had bed bugs. All were rectified with one visit from the exterminator. There was no apartment that had repeat calls. Obviously, these were all isol

ated situations where the tenants or tenants' visitors brought the bugs into the building.

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The entire building is infested and has been for about 20 years on and off according to people that have lived there for a long time. Wall construction is very poor... the bugs are in the walls extremely hard to get rid of. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING!!!!
trust me 1st hand experience...

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