299 Adelphi St
Brooklyn, NY 11205-4602

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This building is a nightmare. We've had cockroaches, water bugs, silver fish, house centipedes, mice, you name it. We found two bed bugs after doing laundry in the building. We've had our apartment sprayed more times than I can count, it doesn't matter. Disgusting people live in this building who won't let them spray so the bugs keep coming back. Speaking of people in the building, we've had to call 911 and CPS multiple times on our neighbors. They are horrible, dirty people. We're trying

to get out of this hell hole ASAP.

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The bed bugs are still here. Should have done my reaserch before moving in. Mgmt is awful about scheduling a time to have an exterminator come in, considering you need to be out of the unit for four hours. Stay away from this place, terrible mgmt, mice, bugs, roaches.

Is anyone living here now? I'm moving into this building! [email protected] email me with any news about the infestation or lack there of.

My wife has been getting bites for the last few weeks, but they didn't look like typical bedbug bites. We finally caught one last night and are now considering our options, as our lease isn't up until July and we are leaving the city when it ends.

Last year we lived on the other side of the building one floor up (currently second floor near the back) and never had a problem. I think they've gotten worse this year, because there seem to be more people moving out.

The landlord is trying to f

umigate, but as others here have mentioned, some tenants won't let them, and the infestation seems to be fairly widespread.

The building also has mice and cockroaches. We were able to get rid of them in our apartment, but it took us a couple months.

My advice: stay away.

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We moved out, after several attempts of trying to get rid of them. This building is infested from the ground up. There are several apartments were the tenants refuse to exterminate.

On October 5, 2014, I found a bug in our unit. We called management, who tend to be incredibly unresponsive to serious issues, ex. with mice. Luckily, they sent an exterminator soon thereafter. He sprayed the area around the bed (it's a small apartment, so basically the righthand side), and I have not seen a bug since (knock on wood). I am not confident that this will solve the problem, as I know these bugs are tenacious and hard to get rid of.

He is supposed to come back in about a week to

do a second treatment. He didn't seem to think we had an infestation, but who knows. We have had problems with mice, and they have been very slow to respond. I've filed complaints with the HPD and am hoping they will do something about this soon.

Honestly, I would not recommend this building.

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There will always be bedbugs here. I lived here for a long time and we heard the problems, but it was only a matter of time before it attacked our apt. All it takes is one section and because the place is poorly managed, it will spread like Ebola. People always move in and move out. This building is over 100 years old, and no one took the time to properly exterminate it because they want to save money and collect more rent. Aside from other issues and insects, BEDGBUGS WILL ALWAYS BE HERE. BEWAR


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I've been in the building for six months and moved in having read this page. The owners were pretty responsive to my concerns (i.e, they sealed cracks, sprayed before moving in), and, I hope I'm not jinxing it, but so far so good.

From talking to other tenants, it sounds as though there are a few problem apartments that aren't interested in being inspected / sprayed / dealt with. The result is that the unfortunate apartments above and to the sides have recurring issues.

Having spoken to s

omeone from the ownership group on a couple of occasions, it sounds as though the process of forcing the issue on those few apartments that refuse entry and treatment is prohibitive in terms of time and court fees. Sucks.

My understanding when you move into a building like this is to ask as many questions as possible - i.e., where in the building were the bugs; when was the last time they were reported in this apartment; what side of the building have they been on, etc.

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Was told there were bedbugs from the previous tenant, but that the apartment had been completely renovated and all problems gone. I moved in in March. I started seeing bedbugs in May and reported them to the landlord. They referred me to the exterminator who came and sprayed.

The bugs kept coming back. The building has had a long term issue with the problem. Apparently, the person below me had them and according to the exterminator, they travel up and were coming into my apartment. Al

l told, the exterminator came approximately 10 times from May to Dec when I finally moved out. It was a completely traumatic experience living in with bugs. While the landlord did end up sending the exterminator, the only thing which prompted them to take more serious action (sealing the floors) rather than spraying, was the fact I filed a complaint with HPD (who sent the bug sniffing dog for free). If you see any bugs, protect yourself--contact the landlord, but also contact HPD and DHCR. (FYI-DHCR was pretty useless because although I filed a claim, they don't address it or send an inspector until 6-12 months after you file.) HPD, on other hand, at least sent the dog and they also issued a violation, which is now on file and proof that there were bed bugs. Also, make sure, when you inform the landlord of the problem, send a certified letter informing them of the problem, not simply an e-mail or phone call (otherwise it is not considered an official notification of the issue.)

If you choose to live here, good luck!

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I have been living in this building (six 10-unit floors) for over 3 years and have off and on been dealing with bed bugs in our apartment the whole time. I've never had an infestation in my apartment – a bug here, a bug there. Routine sprays give me respite, but clearly other tenants aren't as fastidious about the issue and have real problems with bugs. I have become pretty chummy with the exterminator, who tells me of long-standing tenants who refuse spraying or make it very difficult to do a

n adequate job. I would not move into this apartment building until I knew that management had forced every tenant to have their apartment sprayed properly, which clearly hasn't happened yet in my time here.

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I think it's not the owner's fault, but the tenants who don't clean and bring them wherever they go.there should be exterminators foro tenants instead of bedbugs.maybe then we could get rid of the problem once and for all

September 2011. We have just moved into our studio on 299 Adelphi street in August and we both have many bites from bed bugs and have been finding them throughout the apartment. When we signed the lease with Phidel Associates, we were told that the building had had bed bugs in the last 5 years, but that the problem had been dealt with. Clearly, the problem still exists.

There are apartments for rent in this building now. The building claims they have taken care of the situation and an exterminator comes every month. Does anyone who lives in the building now know if this is true?

My apartment had bedbugs, and we are moving out. Exterminated twice and it seems to be ok now, but you never know. This is the 2nd apt from this management company that I have rented and BOTH of them have had bedbugs.

Hi, to the last anonymous poster. Did you end up moving to this place? Was the problem still there?

can you please update this post with your current status - was the problem risoved at this location? I should move in April 1st!

bedbugs have been in this bldng since the summer; i think they've officially moved to my floor. i got some awful bites in bed, but have yet to find an actual bug.

There are bed bugs in this building. My apartment has been sprayed 4 times in 5 months and still they are here, so other adjacent units clearly must have them.

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