90 Washington St
New York, NY 11201-1447

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There were bed bugs but the mgmt won't tell you that.

I tried to comment on your blog, failed.

You absolutely should tell your neighbors. AND read your lease, your landlord is 100% responsible for this, it's in the first few sections of the lease, i know, i had to throw it in our landlords face SEVERAL times. They are legally obligated to provide you a home free of vermin/insects, bedbugs falls into that. You should not pay your rent until the matter is addressed, but make sure you keep that money set aside. Also, instead of calling, send a

letter vis certified mail(most leases state that's how you must notify landlords of all issues for it to count)with return receipt(so you'll have proof). Lastly, call 311 and report it, so they will send an inspector and then the city will notify the landlord they have so many days/weeks to address the problem. Personally, i couldn't take any more from the Mgmt. company as we had numerous issues spanning a year, this was our breaking point... i stopped paying rent, showed up at their offices screaming WITH bedbugs to leave for them since they thought it was so amusing to do nothing, they finally let us break our lease, and i didn't give any of the $$ we had been holding, but, informing ALL the neighbors we could, and showing them what bedbugs look like was one of the best things i feel i could have done, just to make people aware, SO many don't even know what they are until it's too late. Spread the word and it also might make your landlords FINALLY do something. Whatever you do, do not feel ashamed and do not let your landlords make you pay for anything, it's their responsibility-legally.

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April, 14, 2010. I moved here in September 2009, 90 W Apt 22G. The management has been most unhelpful, claiming I have to pay for all the inspection/extermination fees. Not to mention the way they have treated me, saying that I'm basically guilty of infecting this apartment. I wrote a blog about it. Read all about it here:


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