46-08 30th Ave
Astoria, NY 11103

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There is no doubt that there are bed bugs living in the floor or walls of this building and the landlord is incredibly obstinant and difficult to deal with. Do yourself a favor- DON'T MOVE HERE!!! For a cute, affordable apartment, it's cost me hours of my life dealing with the landlord and exterminators and hundreds of dollars on new furniture, laundry, and storage.

We still live at this address, it is a 10 unit building. We moved in in January and found the bites shortly there after. Like the other person who posted said, at first we thought it was nothing and then found a bed bug crawling on our couch. The exterminators came, but the problem has continued. We threw out mattresses, a bed frame, and a couch (expensive to say the least) The landlord was very difficult to deal with around this- In my opinion, I don't think that he wants to accept the fact

that the problem exists. Yes, the exterminators have come but they haven't been nearly as diligent as they should be, in my opinion. As a result, and because I didn't feel like arguing with the landlord again (it was really ridiculous) I hired my own exterminator in January. They set out traps and found a live one in February. Because of the location, they said that they are most certainly in the walls. Hopefully this time, the exterminators get on top of things and the landlord puts his pride aside. It is a very cute building and I don't want to have to move (which is also very expensive) but, we'll just have to wait and see- it's now March and we're still dealing with the occasional bites. Fingers crossed that this problem gets fixed.

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Started to find bites on me back in December 2010. At first we thought it was nothing. Then I noticed that there were several bites in a row. Exterminator came, but the bites continued. We got mattress covers and threw out the couch, and the exterminator came four more times. After that I found three bugs crawling on my floor. We had all of the cracks near the baseboards caulked, along with a hole in the ceiling where a water pipe entered. I also heard that the neighbors below us were having pro

blems. Right now I think we're holding them at bay, but I'm fairly certain that they're in the walls and will eventually find a way out. I don't think our landlord is taking sufficient action to prevent them from making their way into other apartments in the building (there are 8 in total). So I'm moving out.

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