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We stayed here on Thursday October 17th and woke up several times throughout the night to bug bites. We were unsure until the morning what we were bitten by. It turns out they were BED BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have multiple bites and found a dead bed bug with blood all over our sheets and on the mattress cover. Please see the pictures attached. Since we were in a room with two beds we decided to move over to the next bed because the hotel was all sold out and couldn't place us in an

other room. Low and behold we fold over the blanket of the second bed and find hair on the bedsheets. The housekeeping lady said she cleaned the room the day before and the bedsheets were clean. She changed the sheets, but refused to vacuum the room because we were checking out in 4 hours. It has now been 5 days and we have not heard from anyone at the hotel with an apology or a suggestion of how they would compensate us for the disgusting inconvenience. We booked through Expedia and the hotel since has yet to respond to Expedia with the request for a refund. I have never been so disgusted in my life! There was no apology from the ladies at the front desk. One even had the audacity to state that she thought the bed bugs were from the gentleman who was staying in the room previous to us because he was a construction worker who stayed for two weeks. The least the hotel could do is apology and have refunded us by now. PLEASE DO NOT STAY HERE! I write this review while on hold with the hotel for 56 minutes!

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