233 E 89th St
New York, NY 10128

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Bed Bugs all over the halls. Gross

Moved out a few months ago because of Bed-Bug bites. I went to Dr to confirm. Spoke to a few neighbors and they have bed-bugs too. It seems like from previous posts and speaking with people in the building this has been going on for years.


This building has been a long problem in the area. I live on the street and constantly see exterminators go in and out. When I asked my neighbor about the building they said the place has been swarming with bed bugs for years. They lived there for a little but moved out after the first bites. This place needs to be demolished! Do not rent here.

October 2008

I was renting an apartment for two months when I started noticing bites on my body, which at the time I thought was an allergic reaction to something.

I had gone away for a week and I noticed that my "allergic reaction" was going away. The first night back in the apartment, I found that any exposed area was covered with bites the next morning - bites that looked like a rash. I went to a dermotologist who confirmed they were bed bug bites. I moved out that same day and hav

e never been bitten again. Not sure if they ever cleaned up that apartment.

The apartment was located on the third floor.

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