255 W 43rd St
New York, NY 10036-3913

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This place is horrific!!!!! I currently live here and it's beyond infested with cockroaches, mice and bed bugs. Ive been so miserable during my stay here in the most beautiful city that never sleeps! I have over 10 scars due to being bit so bad, they won't go away and now I can't wear shortsleeves.Truly if I had known my stay here would be this way I would have never wasted my time. Everyone here has a different situation and we are all treated the same due to the kind of tenants they accept. Th

ey don't split anyone up. If they live dirty YOU LIVE DIRTY. Ive been dealing with the filth and funk of my neighbors since I've been here and it's embarrassing not to mention you have to feel self conscious about bringing people here. Ive had two guest sleep over and get bitten and I feel horrible. I have holes in my walls that they did nothing but stuff due to mice eating through them. Ive had to call 311 and get help because management doesn't care and security is another useless headache. They treat people as bad as their paycheck must be. It's horrible DO NOT MOVE HERE WHATEVER YOU DO!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! IM CURRENTLY DEALING WITH ANXIETY DUE TO THIS PLACE AND I WAS FINE BEFORE I MOVED HERE!! IVE HAS PLENTY SLEEPNESS NIGHTS AND AND EMPTY STOMACH BECAUSE I CANT SLEEP OR STAND TO EAT IN A PLACE LIKE THIS!! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY OUT!!! AND IF U KNOW SOMEONE HERE GIVE THEM A PLACE TO STAY!!! GET THEM OUT AND STAY OUT!!!

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Red itchy marks on hands and feet for a couple of days. I had chalked this up to unusually dry weather and cold- I react poorly to that.

Found bugs-several- on my pillow this evening after returning from work.

NY tenant nightmare achieved. Will contact management and maintenance tomorrow.

In 08/16/12, I want to report this building with bedbugs. The whole previous comments of the tenants are complete truth about the treatment and the management doesn't take care to make solutions to this problem.


Are you aware of a Mr. G. R.?

In August 2010 three apartments on my floor were treated for bedbugs, including my own. That is why I know for a fact about the $40 in quarters reserved to for the mezzanine laundry room on Thursdays. In reference to the $150 reimbursement for dry cleaning: They asked me to sign a "release" form that I release them of all liability. I refused to sign it and threatened to sue them in small claims court. They paid me as they did not want to waste time in court.

I actually treated my studio myse

lf by heating my room to 105 degrees Fahrenheit for several hours. Management would not accept my heat treatment and threatened to evict me if I didn't undergo their harsh chemical treatment, which was done three Thursdays in a row.

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I just spoke to the laundry room attendent of the Times Square Hotel who has also lived here for over 30 years.

She has confirmed that on Thursdays when management of the Times Square Hotel closes down the mezzanine laundry room from 9 AM to 5 PM, then you can be sure that it is reserved for the tenants whose apartments they are treating for bedbugs.

Management has a policy that any tenant with bedbugs MUST either dry clean or wash every piece of fabric and/or clothing and/or jacket, coat

, etc. They even provide $40 in quarters for the laundry room and up to $150 for dry cleaning.

The laundry room attendent also confirms that almost every Thursday for many years now the laundry room is closed for the tenants receiving treatment for bedbugs.

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Hi Garry Rissman! This is Dominique Marie Lebron!
Ouch! I got biten too!

Garry Rissman (who posted above) does not know what he's talking about.

This residential hotel, The Times Square, is over run with bed bugs. I, a tenant, believe this is due to the general incompetence and negligence of the management, Common Ground. The laundry room is shut down a minimum of once a week, usually more often, when they wash the possesions of people reporting bugs. Containing the spread appears unimportant to Common Ground. Treating infested rooms is just part of daily business; the pain and misery to tenants doesn't affect the managers.

On January 4th, 2007, the Times Square Director, Carolyn Chambre, told me during a meeting, which was digitally recorded, that they treated 9 apartments with bedbug infestations. Our building, the Times Square Hotel, has altogether 650 units. I believe Common Ground would be more effective by getting a bedbug service who uses specially trained dogs to find bedbugs. Also, the San Francisco department of Health recommends walk in freezers to put all the furniture in for over 24 hours to kill all b

edbugs and eggs.

Many tenants believe the bedbugs are brought into the building by Common Ground's Homeless Outreach program. Hundreds of homeless people use our lobby furniture and basement bathrooms during their visit to the Outreach offices in the basement. We believe this could be bringing bedbugs into the building.

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4-12-08 9th floor room got bitten and saw bedbug in bed.

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