610 W 174th St
New York, NY 10033

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Moved into the apartment June 1. Never had a prior bed bug problem and didn't have any issues in the new unit until about 2 weeks in. Started getting bites and then started seeing bugs. Upon closer inspection of the unit I started finding them throughout the living and bedroom (alive and dead) and collected all the bugs I found. Contacted management and they hired an exterminator. A week later I had the first treatment and at that point I had well over 20 bugs collected, various ages. Three

treatments later I definitely saw a reduction in numbers and stopped getting bites. But now 3 weeks after the last treatment I got a bite and found the culprit, a nymph. So called management again to have the treatment continue and asked if any other units in the building have complained. They said they've received no other complaints until me, which I find very hard to believe especially since I see that complaints were made to the City in the past.

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