106 Pinehurst Ave
Manhattan, NY 10033

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The infestation at 106 Pinehurst Avenue continues to spread throughout the C tower of the building. Since the last report on this site, tenants in apartments treated multiple times have continued to see bed bugs and/or be bitten. In addition, two previously unaffected apartments are now infested. To date, a total of 13 of 30 apartments in the C tower have been infested and there may be more that I am unaware of.

In mid-September, a tenant in the C section of the building saw a bedbug in her apartment, immediately contacted management. Inspections of surrounding apartments revealed a long-term major infestation in the apartment below and a single bug in the apartment above. Treatments were set up for 3 apartments. Since that time, 8 other apartments (that we know of--possibly more) have found bugs/been bitten. This is one-third of the units in this section. Despite as many as 5 treatments in surrounding

apartments and perhaps 10 in the source apartment, we have seen bugs/been bitten as recently as the last few days of January 2021. Finally, after HPD got involved, 4 units have been caulked to try to seal up points of entry. HPD inspected after complaints in December and January. HPD issued numerous violations, caulking occurred (4 months after first sightings) and the the landlord is once again having the affected/surrounding units chemically treated. The bugs are in the walls and travel from apartment to apartment, especially after any one apartment has been treated. Affected units are on floors 1 through 6 in the C section, which abuts the B section's 3 and 4 lines, so they aren't safe either. Today is February 4, 2021. Next treatments must occur before March 1.

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