723 Saint Nicholas Ave
Manhattan, NY 10031

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Multiple units (6 known) have confirmed bedbug infestations, but landlord refuses to treat. Occupants have given up and moved out. Some tenants even took legal action, but management lies and stonewalls and refuses to simply hire exterminators, until tenants give up and leave. This is ongoing problem, most recently since 2019, with several new apts infested in 2020. My apt was successfully treated for bedbugs in 2010 and 2012, under previous landlord/management. New management since 2017 is allo

wing bedbugs to again spread through building by their irresponsible inaction and refusal to acknowledge the problem. Tenants are desperate for city enforcement. Sharing on this site in hopes of adding pressure on landlord, if they cannot so easily keep renting out bedbug infested units to unsuspecting new tenants.

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