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July 28, 2011. I am off to do my laundry all over again. Discovered eggs on my sheets. They look like little specks, like cornmeal, and the hatched ones are dark, I think. Tiny little bugs. It is an incredible chore and a waste of time each time. In addition the mattress protector that covers my box spring is ripped so I need to buy a new one. They are $40. If anyone has any doubt about living in this bed-bug ridden neighborhood, I can tell you without a doubt that it is absolutely not worth the

stress and time and money it will cost. There are mattresses on the sidewalk every day, an indication of the extent of the problem in Harlem. I see eggs in the stairwell-- I even saw some on a piece of cardboard a few weeks ago. It is possible someone from the third floor, which is even more plagued with bed bugs, might have put it there with malicious intent. It is just a possibility-- you don't know if those specks are eggs or just some dirt. The super occasionally runs a mop and broom down through the stairwell but it's not enough to keep the common area clean enough. I just saw the kids that live across the hall and they suck popsicles and sometimes toss them on the floor in the hall. It's just not a sanitary practice and indicates a less than ideal cleaning habits or standard. Although they are overall nice people they are part of the bed bug problem and their bugs may be coming over to my apartment.

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There are bed bugs in this building. I found one this morning and it was a horrifying moment. I have lived here since last September and a few days after I moved in, I got a piece of paper under my door saying, very blase, "oh, by the way, the exterminator is coming tomorrow! Please prepare your apartment as usual!"

I did not know there were bed bugs in this building; otherwise I would obviously not have moved in. I also didn't know what in the world "prepare my apartment as usual" could mean

. So I called the landlord to inquire. And this was, to me, an equally bad or even worse part of this experience: the landlord *yelled* at me in a condescending, contemptuous, disrespectful way. It was just unrestrained hostility and intimidation coming at me. It was like if you were to just walk up to someone and they suddenly started beating the crap out of you for no reason.

I am sure the information people want to hear is about the bugs, however, so returning to that: there were bed bugs, I believe, in apartments on the third floor in September. And others as well, but I distinctly remember the super naming some apartments on that floor. The more recent scare came from right across the hall from me in apartment 12, as well as other apartments in the building. Again, I don't know the exact ones, but there are several in the building that have severe bed bug problems. That was in June. The first time I was not home when the exterminator came; however the second time I was and saw how he sprayed. I thought he was a little on the careless side. He didn't ask me to pull out my furniture; he just kind of sprayed along the wall. I was ready to move it but he just quickly went through.

I have gone though a lot of trouble on account of the bed bugs-- I spent three days cleaning, vacuuming every nook and cranny; I got mattress covers and a vacuum (previously I had used a swiffer as an effective cleaning tool, but you need a vacuum to get the seams of the mattress). I had to empty all of my dresser drawers and standalone cabinet/ small closet, and wash all of my clothes as well as my bedding, which really added up. I spent about $60 just on laundry. And the worst is, of course, the horror of finding bites on your body and wondering if bed bugs are laying eggs and multiplying on your bed!

The landlord claims he didn't know about the bed bugs, which is why he didn't tell me about them. At first I accepted this; however then I remembered that when I first moved in, and the bed bug horror occurred, people in the building told me they had had bed bugs before, and been sprayed before. So it was an already existing problem.

He owns many buildings, not just this one. His name is Ira Krell and he also owns David's Check Cashing. I cannot emphasize enough how distressing this experience has been, both because of the bugs themselves and of how it has been handled. The apartment has several other problems besides, such as low water pressure in my shower and a toilet that always clogs. It is not worth half the rent I've paid dutifully for a year.

I could relate so many horrifying details, such as the little spots you will find on your sheets that are the bed bug feces. You don't want to move into this building or any building owned by him. I hope to save someone from a traumatizing experience by taking the time to post here.

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