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New York, NY 10014-1700

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My daughter and I stayed in bunk room #356 for 3 nights. First 2 nights, ok- then I dropped my phone behind the bed and lifted and moved the mattress. Woke with itching in the middle of the night and in the morning, classic bedbug bites on the arm that was on the mattress. Complained at the lobby and they cooked our luggage and clothes, said they'd be getting an exterminator in "soon." They weren't upset or surprised. Charged us 1 night instead of 3. We're leaving our luggage out in the

Sun anyway and putting everything else though hot water wash and high dryer. Gross. And sad because I've stayed at the Jane few times in the past and it's a fantastic. The manager has not called to follow up.

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Stayed at Jane on Monday jan 28 in a room in the fourth floor (455, I think). I woke up and went to the bathroom at 1am and when I returned to my room, I found a bedbug on the bed, a few inches below the pillow. I packed up and went downstairs. They said they would refund my stay and offered to treat my luggage but I just wanted out! I went to the doubletree in Times Square which was squeaky clean!

Stayed 1st and 2nd October 2012 on 3rd floor and was bitten all over on first night. All my stuff was treated and I moved to a new room on the 5th floor. Don't think I got any more bites on the second night. The ease with which they treated the situation and lack of surprise leads me to believe this is happening regularly at the hotel. they refunded one night. Shame - I really loved this place and have stayed a few times before... but never again.

stayed at the jane from 15-19 sept 2012 on the 4th floor. was bitten all over my body with swelling and severe itching. told them when i left and they treated my luggage and refunded one night. rest was fine. when waiting outside for a cab another girl saw my bites and said she too was bitten. problem everywhere i believe.

Whatever you do - wherever you stay - please, make sure it's NOT this hotel. It's popular among European travelers (maybe because it reads like a hostel?) FILTHY. SMOKY. DISGUSTING. GREASY. These are words I would use to describe the hotel. There were pubes and dust/dirt in the corners of the shared his/her bathrooms. The water temperature did not come up fast, leaving you standing in a puddle of water in the shower (the drain is apparently set to not drain until you are done completely. Gross

. There isn't a place other than hooks on the back of the door to put your stuff. Hello? Toiletries? Shoes? Whatever else you may have brought with you that needs a place when you are showering in a public place ? The Halls stunk of stale smoke. Like thick, overwhelming pipe smoke. We had our window open to try to take it away. Didn't work. I'm asthmatic - and I am in a full on ashtma attack now that I'm home. Struggling to breathe. Maybe it was the dust in the room? Perhaps the dust mites? Maybe it was the BEDBUGS. They woke me up at 3:00 each morning. I was there because it was close to where I needed to be - and it was super cheap. NEVER EVER AGAIN will I make this mistake. The cafe smelled of grease, like the hood hadn't been cleaned in years. The paint on the walls - doors - floors - wherever - was all chipped. It felt like a horror movie. The rooms were so small that I bonked my head on the bed 5 times while trying to pack my bag. (we stayed in one of the double rooms. Read: bunk bed) There wasn't room on the floor to walk, talk, stay, do really much of anything other than sleep.

Let's get back to the bedbugs. When I brought it up - the manager gave me a discount of 25% for only ONE of the nights. I recommended to her that she also look at the cobwebs in the lobby - directly behind me, on the sconce. She also offered me a free upgrade to a different style room the "next time" -- are you KIDDING me? Really? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm telling you that I was awoken at 3:00 in the morning because of things crawling on me -- when I REALLY needed to get a good night's sleep-- each morning -- and you think for one minute I'm coming back to this dump?

This place should be closed down by the department of health. It's disgusting. It's filthy. I don't care how charming it is -- and the staff, at least most of them other than Adrian - really are charming. Though not once did any of the cutely uniformed people help carry my stuff up the 12 or so really steep steps. Nice.

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I stayed at the Jane on October 22 and 23 on the third floor. I usually like the Jane since it's a well located and well priced hotel in Manhattan, although with very small rooms. Waking up in the morning, I discovered a round bug in the sheets, and flicked it against the wall next to the bed. I then saw it climbing along the wall, and I smashed it with the slipper--it was full of blood, and made a mess on the wooden baseboard. I later discovered a number of very itchy bites on my neck that look

ed like a rash. Immediately upon coming home, I washed everything, and took a hot shower. I just hope I didn't bring them home!

The next day, when I called them and reported it, they apologized, and said would take care of the problem. I didn't ask for compensation, and they did not offer.

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Stayed 17 September 2011-3 October 2011.

Was bitten terribly whilst staying in room 360. Was then moved to room 342 where I was bitten again.

Both times we had to go through the treatment ordeal. The first time they lost my travel companion's belt and the second time they lost one of my earings.

The manager started to tell us that a lot of hotels in NY have bugs. One room I could have believed it was bad luck but two rooms tells me they arent on top of this problem.

september 2011

3rd and 4th floor have real problems here - lots of complaints my friend has 100 bites - will never go there again

Having had bedbugs in my apartment once (my fiancé couldn't resist a footstool on the side of the road regardless of my protesting), I was paranoid staying at a hotel. First thing I did was put all my stuff in the tiled shower and start my check for bed bugs. I looked everywhere- the bed, pillows, under the mattress, under the mattress topper, the drapes. Everything.

And guess what? Nothing! I found out the hard way about a year ago I get pretty bad flare ups & my skin is so sensitive that

if you look at me the wrong way I'll get a rash.

The only things I got out of The Jane were great, friendly staff, a good night's rest, a nice view of The Hudson and a really nice weekend!

Room 501 is clear!

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July 5, 2011. Stayed on the 4th floor,woke up with bed bug bites, turned over my pillow and there it was. I brought the bug down to the front desk and they heat treated my belongings while I was left in a different room with a robe. The staff was nice, but the constant infestation needs to be dealt with. My room was comped and I left. I know bed bugs do not come from dirty people but never in my life have I seen such dirty, filthy, looking people than were staying at this hotel. My entire exp

erience was that it is a filthy, dirty, hotel, the carpets are dirty, rooms are dirty and the shared bathrooms were the worst I have stayed in in NYC, and I have stayed at quite a lot. I will never stay here again.

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27th of May to 7th of June, 11 days /10 nights overall.

We stayed on 4th floor, except the crazy small rooms (which would not be fair to complain) - I've been bitten from the first 1-3 days, as I never had experience, I just thought it would be mosquito bites, which every day became more and more, also the linen started to be full of blood spots.

So, much tooo late, I asked the reception for this behaviour, they immediately went crazy and started a "BB Issue" Case with treatment like they

did with all the others here.

The major thing that I do complain about is that it seems they have it very frequent, which is not normal, they always say that this is a big Manhattan problem, yes maybe for some time, but not all the time like it seems to be mentioned here.

and more than this, we stayed for 11 days, some staff should have seen the blood spots all over the linen, they said in the end this has not been seen as if something is on the bed they do not change the linen, however as it was almost everywhere in my bed - this was a very stupid excuse.

For me and my wife, before we loved NY, but after this bad bad bad experience, we do not want to come back again, this was too terrible. also the uncertainty if we brought them back to our country was so high, still we do not know for sure, as the life cycle is about 4-6 weeks.... lets hope,

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June 14-15, 2011; two-night stay on the 4th floor was 100% bedbug-free. I inspected the bedding before sleeping, and found nothing, nor did a problem manifest during my stay. Every hotel in NYC has had bedbugs at some point, including the five-star joints, but I did not experience any problems the two times I've stayed here. The Jane, as usual, was super-clean, friendly, and cheap. Will definitely stay here again.

May 2011

We stayed at this hotel for a few from 26 - 28 May. The hotel definitely has bed bugs which is a shame as it's a nice place.

I wish I'd seen this list sooner as due as we didn't have the best time in NYC!! The hotel refunded us our money however this didn't really make up for the horrible expereince, see below for full details.

1. Bed bugs - the hotel without a doubt has bedbugs. In the first two nights of staying in our room I was bitten in several places including
my face a

nd the bites swelled up quite dramatically. My hand was twice
the size. After consulting the pharmacist they
confirmed the bites were likely to have come from bed bugs and I should visit the doctor to address the swelling.

2. Clothes - the hotel staff were very efficient in switching us to another room which we were thankful for. They then proceeded to ask to
treat our belongings but didn't clearly explain what would happen to them or want to leave us with any clothes to wear for that day. The hotel staff assured us our bags would be back with us within a couple of hours at 10 am. At 8 pm we finally got the bags back. When we opened the bags they were full of damp clothes and that had been just chucked in the bags and weren't folded up. Our belongings were also all muddled up between the bags so we had to spend time sorting out what belonged to whom.

3. Doctor - two different pharmacists at CVS and Duane Reed advised me to go to the doctor in regards to how swollen my hand and face was. I
asked at the reception the best way to do this and was told to go to the accident room at the hospital and the hotel would pay my medical
expenses. Unfortunately as I had to attend the wedding I didn't have time that day to do this. I had come from the UK to attend my best friends wedding and had to go with a swollen face and hand which was obviously very upsetting and not good for the professional wedding photos. I couldn't risk missing the wedding after coming so far. The next day I asked at reception about getting the doctors bill covered if I managed to have time to go before my flight that day to visit
another friend in Texas. The reception said it was highly unlikely I would need to go to the doctors and the hotel wouldn't cover any

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I was at The Jane from June 6Th through the 10Th. Having known that bed bugs are a problem EVERYWHERE I inspected the bed, mattress, pillows and the headboards and found no sign. I decided to keep my luggage off the floor and hung it on the hooks provided on the mirror side of the room.

I woke up the next morning and found a small streak of blood on the sheets about 1/4 inch long at the bottom of the bed near my feet. I didn't give it too much thought and went about my day. The next morning

I found a dark spot and another streak a little higher near my knees, I then knew I had been bitten by the scabs on my knee caps. I decided to not say anything to the front desk because I had already been bitten and it was too late.

I did research and found most hotels in NYC have bed bugs so I was mentally prepared to be bitten.

I mentioned it to the the front desk the night before check out and I was told my belongings would be treated and that I could talk to the manager the next day. The next day they took my luggage, heat treated them and wiped down my electronics with alcohol.

The manager was apologetic and understanding. I was comped one night. Looking back I should have mentioned it earlier or asked to be comped more than one night.

When I got home I still treated everything like I had bed bugs. My luggage stayed in the garage for two days in a bag and I washed everything well and dried them for two cycles.

The Jane was a great place to stay and I would not hesitate to stay there again. Every traveler needs to realize that bed bugs are a way of life and plan accordingly. When you get home treat yourself and your belongings like you have bed bugs and you shouldn't have any problems.

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I stayed for four nights (June 6 - 9, 2011). One bed bug crawled across the bed, at which point I trapped it in a glass and brought it downstairs. I stripped the bed to look for more bugs or eggs and nothing was visible.

Staff were extremely nice and I was careful to be discrete, as the phrase "bed bugs" can terrify guests.

They moved me to another room and treated my belongings. I stayed for only one night longer and had no further issues.

I stayed at The Jane two years ago and was bitten in multiple places. They were very apologetic and moved me to another floor and comped my room. Being a glutton for punishment and really liking the place I went back last year and did not have any problems. I again returned this year on 5/16/11 and again experienced many bites. They baked all of my bags and gave me a free night but I will never venture back there again. It is a shame since the place is great (other than a consistent infesta

tion). I feel like a fool for subjecting myself to this problem again. I sit now at home with 12 infected bites. I certainly have no one to blame but myself since I knew very well the risks of this place. I would caution everyone to avoid this place.

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April 23, 2011: bed bugs, went to front desk to make a complaint, manager wouldn't come to desk. Asked desk person to email him the complaint because he was busy. I check out and left. Never to return.

Last tuesday night March 22nd, my second night of a 4 night stay i awoke at 3am itching. thinking i was being paranoid, i turned on the light, pulled back the sheet and saw a small black bug crawling on my sheet. i showed it to the bellhop who squished it. they dried and heated all my belongings while i stood in the lobby in my bathrobe and slippers. when i asked them to put me in a new hotel, they refused (a silly request since they had all my clothes anyway). i was moved to a different floor w

here i obviously didn't sleep a wink. they didn't handle the situation very well. the night bellman asked if i had left the window open, which i hadn't. then when i asked the night clerk if he could get someone to get some more alcohol swabs to rub down my plastic and metal belongings which is customary to kill eggs, he told me he wasn't authorized to get a bottle of rubbing alcohol delivered from the local pharmacy and said "well were you bitten?". after a miserable night, the manager told me he would comp me just the one night as if this was a great kindness. one night of pure misery!

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Stayed here the other night with no problems. This place has always been tidy, and this time was no different. No bedbugs at all.

I generally stay there if I'm working late in the city, as I live two hours north with my wife and three children, it's just convenient for me.

One of my good friends got word that I stay there and called me frantically with the bulletin of bed bugs at the Jane, stay away.

Although I havn't seen any it certainly is scary to think I could be exposed to it and bring the filth into my own home, leads me to feel it's not a good idea to stay there again. Yuck.

May I add it's probably not th

e hotel owners fault, can't imagine they like the rap, and are probably doing the best they can to exterminate...I would if it were my hotel.
There are smokers in the hotel. Which gets me going, it's gross.

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The most vile place in Manhattan. The bed bugs are just the tip of the iceberg. The manager was unapologetic and accusatory. Worst hotel experience in my life. That includes over 100 countries. Worst New York experience in my life. That includes 40 years in New York. A sad state of affairs.

Spent 3 days at The Jane over Thanksgiving - no bedbugs. As always, great staff. I'll stay there again.


I'm here on my last night. Was scared of the bedbugs issue in the area since booking my trip. I flipped up my mattress upon arriving, looked everywhere, slept atop my blankets the first night....NOTHING! 100% bedbugs free!! Not that I'm surprised! This place is immaculate & the entire staff is super nice, including housekeeping. Once again, if ever there were bedbugs? They are certainly not here now! :)

Bed bugs are an extremely big problem in the New York City area as well as the rest of the country. This is an issue that we at The Jane Hotel take very seriously and have done extensive research on the treatment and extermination of these pesky critters. Unfortunately, they are extremely difficult to eradicate and we take various measures for doing so when a problem arises in our hotel.

We use the method of heat to exterminate bed bugs as this is the best way to ensure complete eradication

. The biggest challenge is that people can come in contact with bed bugs anywhere along their travels. They have been found in museums, retail stores, movie theaters and even trains to name a few places. This makes it difficult to assure that the problem isn’t brought back to the hotel even after complete treatment to all rooms and surrounding rooms.

Our housekeeping staff is fully trained in inspecting each room every day for signs of bed bugs to assist in the prevention of any issues for our guests. We are equipped to deal with the issue if it arises to also prevent the further spread when there is an occurrence and to prevent you from bringing this home with you.

As I mentioned we do take this issue extremely seriously and are working diligently to prevent our building from having this issue.

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Three of us just spent 3 nights at the Jane Hotel and we had absolutely NO problems whatsoever with bed bugs. We found the hotel extremely clean, the staff was marvelous, the atmosphere very quaint and European in style. What a deal for the price. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Can't praise the staff enough and truly an enjoyable experience.

stayed 9/19-9/23 3rd floor. Came home with bites. welts and bed bugs... now they are in my apartment. Do not stay here. I am weary of my own bed at home now thanks to this miserable hotel that knowingly subjects people to this.

Stayed one night on Friday 9/10. At home by next afternoon I was itching all over and decided by the look of the tiny red pimples that it was flea bites. By next morning I had huge red swollen hives all over, especially arms, hands, legs and a few big ones on my back. Let's not forget the enormous one my forehead, noticeably infected. It hitched so much during my sleep that I woke up without my ring...in its place was a swollen bite. A few hits on the internet confirmed my fear that these were b

ed bugs bites and I freaked out. Washed all my sheets over again, used the dryer on high heat, cleaned the floors etc. Called the hotel, asked for a refund and spoke to a very understanding and compassionate housekeeping manager. According to her, my refund will be processed tomorrow. Luckily I had not unpacked (for in the back of my head I was suspicious it may have been bed bugs); I brought my suitcase downstairs in my laundry room, washed EVERYTHING and threw away the suitcase. As the day progressed, my hives got bigger and redder and disgusting. I saw a doctor at the Duane Reade Clinic (great service btw AND open on Sunday). She confirmed it was bed bugs bites and that I was having an allergic reaction PLUS a secondary infection. I'm now on steroid and antibiotics. Thanks Jane.

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6th of September 2010:

Came back from NY today. Stayed 4 nights at The Jane. Was already paranoid about bed bugs before going and bought a bed bug cover for pillow and mattress - no joy - got around thirty bites after two nights there - first thought it was mosquito bites as we were outside in the dark near Hudson river but then I checked together with the hotel staff room and mattress - we've found really big bed bugs full of my blood. They are hiding well as I didn't see them when I moved i

n (checked everything).

That was on the 4th floor and I met a lady in the shower room who reported that she was bitten as well on the same floor. They've moved me to the 5th floor (assuring me that there were no bugs reported and all is CLEAN) and I'm sure I got new bites there, too. They've put all my clothes and suitcase in a "drier" for two hours to kill the bugs with heat.

They are very aware of the issue and just said that it's a problem in New York... I was so paranoid that when returning to London today I threw my suitcase and Rucksack away and washed everything on maximum heat.

No money refund though, I was just asked to e-mail the manager and I might get "free nights" in the Captains cabin - what a joke - will never stay there again!!!

What a shame as the Hotel is clean and the staff is nice and it's in a great location.

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Stayed on the 3rd floor. Cannot remember the room number.
I was already paranoid because I know how big of a problem it was in NY city and I had booked the whole week,

This was around the end of august 2009.

I was sitting in the bed for about 2 hours on my laptop and then decided to leave to explore the city. Upon my return I grew increasingly weary and started checking the head boards (which was attached to the wall) and the sheets for blood stains but didn't find anything. I sat on the

bed again and out of the corner of my eye I saw something dart across the pillow and much to my dismay it was a bed bug.
I caught it in an empty water bottle and showed the people at the front desk.
They were VERY nice about it and refunded all my money. The sad part is, is that I still ended up with 13 bites all over my legs from the bugs while simply sitting on the bed for 2 hours.

Stay away, you will be scarred for life. I am too paranoid to travel anywhere now.

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Living in the hotel for the past 18 months. Every floor has either had a very serious bed bug problem or continues to have an ongoing propblem. The management has no idea on how to remove the infestation which includes roaches and mice. A list of bedbug complaints is listed with the NYC 311 complaint hotline.

4th Floor. Stayed there during the first week of August, 2009. Woke up with telltale bites/welts on shoulder, hand, and hips. Hotel management was gracious and refunded my money...frankly, I feel bad for them that they have to deal with this horrible problem.

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