209 W 21st St
New York, NY 10011-3101

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Bed bugs still in building.
Mgmt is slowly attempting but it's not really working.
Keep coming back. Frustrating & expensive.

We had yet another dog sniffing all apartments this March. My apt was always negative for bugs, but of the 5 affected apartments in the front of the building, 2 are still positive for bugs. This is an old building. Seal all cracks to prevent migration through walls?

Bedbugs in the building for over a year and the management refuses to remedy the situation. I first became aware of the situation in July 09 and it continued all year.

I have had an ongoing bedbug problem in my apartment in this building, starting in July '09 and continuing through the present. After a substantial remediation program in September '09, no bugs were found for a few months, but they cropped up again starting in January and remained a problem despite repeated cleaning attempts by various exterminators.

It seems that part of the problem may be that certain tenants in the building refuse to allow thorough cleaning of their apartments and thus

provide a safe harbor for the bugs even after they've been removed from other apartments (like mine).

see full report...

I discovered bedbugs in my unit in early July. It turned out the place was infested. Furthermore, other apartments had the same problem. It took the management company approximately 2 months to correctly deal with the situation. I moved out before treatment was completed. So, I am unsure if there is still a problem or not.

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