54 Henry St
New York, NY 10002

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I stayed at the ground level Unit 1 of this building through Airbnb for over 2 weeks. This apartment building consists of multiple units and my Airbnb unit in particular had 2 bedrooms. My fellow temporary flatmate arrived before I did and had a bed bug encounter. He had the notorious series of 3 bites on his back and thought nothing of it. I only approached him about the issue when my leg was inflamed with a pulsating pain and itchiness. Eventually one could see 8 defining bites on my leg as if

a whole family of bed bugs feasted. I detected and identified it was a bed bug when I located one on my backpack. I placed the live bed bug in a plastic container to show my roommate and the hosts. I also showed a picture of my swollen leg as well as the picture of a infant bed bug to the host through the Airbnb thread. The host claimed they remedied the situation by getting rid of the mattress however I’m very much skeptical that they did anything because Airbnb allowed guests to book right after I stayed. Please be cautious and Airbnb should not be allowed to let these irresponsible hosts do this.

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