122 Ludlow St
New York, NY 10002-3203

Found 3 reports:

2nd floor had bedbugs in oct 2009, landlord sprayed, but they came back feb 2010.

I lived there in '05-06. I had what I assumed (or was telling myself) was misquote bites for weeks. I really didn't want to believe the apartment had bed bug. But I kept having nightmares at night and would wake up in a cold sweat feeling things crawl on me. I even saw one running away under the base board but I told myself it was a coach-roaches (which the building has in abundance (perhaps from the restaurant Schillers below)! Then one night I woke up in a cold sweat and wiped my hand ac

ross my body and grabbed something that was biting me. It was a bedbug engorged on my blood! I threw it down instantly and stomped on it The blood stained the floor board.

I dragged my mattress down stairs immediately and left it on the sidewalk in front of the building. There were already 3 other mattresses down there!!!

These apartments are rent controlled or stabilized. They have a lot of long term residents in there. One in particular, called "chief," sits outside his apartment in the landing and listens to his radio. He doesn't seem to be all there. From what the exterminator told me that guy lives with his elderly mother or grandmother and there apartment stacked high with newspapers and assorted clutter. The exterminator said that bed bugs don't come out in the day but in that apartment there were hundreds openly crawling over everything, everywhere! That was the first time he got in there. He said he can't usually get in to spray the place because of the situation.

It's a great building if you don't live in one of the middle apartments (which have bad layouts). And the location is superb but please check with the residents about the problem to see if its been corrected before moving into an apartment there.

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There was a bed bug infestation on the 5th floor.

No nearby bug reports