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November17,18,19, 2019 my husband and I stayed at the Aria Hotel & Casino. The room was beautiful and appeared to not have any issues until the last evening we were there I started noticing some small red blisters/bites on my left lower leg. At the time I didn’t think anything of it, but by the time I arrived back in Texas on the evening of the 20th the marks had become more visible and were extremely itchy! The marks were scattered in some places but were also in clusters or rows in other spo

ts on my lower and upper legs and on my left arm. I slept on the left side of the king sized bed in room 200239 (20th floor) and I primarily lay on my left side when sleeping. My husband only got a few bites on his left forearm.

My husband called the Aria hotel front desk on Friday, November 21st and left a message with front desk person. A risk management person from the hotel called us back on Wednesday, November 27th wise a case number. They were going to have the room (Room 200239) inspected and would let us know. Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt we waited to find out their report, which we were notified of on Monday, Dec 2nd . Their inspection reported no findings of bed bugs.

Since we had already left the hotel when we realized what the bites were we did not inject the room ourself while staying there, so I have no visible evidence of seeing the little insects, but I do know that I have never experienced these types of bites before and after researching the marks and symptoms of the bites and time frame of our stay to when the bites started appearing I am confident that the room we stayed in did in fact have bed beluga primarily on the left lower side of the king size bed.

After much research I now know that cleanliness or the lack there of in a room/location is not a factor to determine if bed bugs are present but they are brought in on clothing and in luggage from people traveling and in allot of cases bed bugs are brought in by international travelers.

This was a very unpleasant experience and even though the Aria Hotel & Casino is not acknowledging that at the very least that room 200239 currently has a mattress with bed bugs imbedded waiting on their next prey (which at this point has already happened), please do your homework, place your luggage in the bathroom when entering any hotel (no matter how fancy or not) use your phone flashlight (or a portable black light (I’ve ordered one off of Amazon)) and a credit card (or plastic room key card) and pull back the bottom sheet and check the corners of your mattress before opening your suitcase or getting in the bed. If you see the bugs or tiny spots on the sheets, take pictures and asked to be moved.

It’s been two weeks since visiting the Aria in Las Vegas and I am just now feeling some relief from the itching that these tiny little bugs caused while on vacation.

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