82 Parkland Dr
Halifax, NS B3S

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Just reporting an incident of bedbugs in my apt. building. It is embarrassing but the truth is I had them for some time but did not know! I never saw any bedbugs but did see silverfish but I am a good sleeper and I guess they only came out at night. I found out when my pillowcase which were white had little bloodstains like dots on them so I decided to check into it further and got up in the night and discovered that they indeed were there. It was not a huge infestation but just any creeps me ou

t. Some of the little ones were coming out of the cracks in the wall. Anyway apt. has been sprayed and did seem to help. (for now) No one knows in the building as it was kept hush hush.

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I have lived at 82 Parkland Dr for 4 1/2 years and I have never seen or heard of anyone having bed bugs in this building. However, we do have silverfish.

My mother lives in this building and the rent being high and all I did not expect to find bed bugs there but not long after we moved her in she started to have bites all over her. It has been no help at all reporting it. They do not want the other tenants that don't have or notice them yet to find out so the bugs are never eradicated. We had to move her out and get rid of a lot of furniture as we did not want to move them to a new place. It really upset my mother who is a senior as moving once f

rom her home to this apt. was bad enough then she had to move again. The bugs were all over the uphosterd furnishings, on the carpet in the bedroom and in the bed. It was sickening and she is better off out of that place. Thanks a lot Hanias Properties!

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