Hilden Dr
Halifax, NS B3R

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Living At 6 Hilden Drive now and although there is a bed bug problem here, The owners are trying to get the problem solved. They have had the hallways sprayed as well as 5 or so apartments so far. They have ordered bed bug detectors for all the units (atleast thats what ive been told) They have had an exterminator come out and inform the tenants about bugs. Ive spent somewhere in the range of $3000 because of this nitemare and cant wait till the day i can feel safe again. Will Keep you informed.

Been living at 6 hilden drive for about 2 years and have been dealing with bed bugs ever since. My unit has been sprayed several times as well as 5 or 6 others. The owners want to keep everything hush hush. The garbage out back is constantally being filled with beds and funinture but no one wants to let on they have a bed bug problem. After literally 1000's of dollars later trying to get rid of these nasty gross things im at my wits end. The spray the pest control people use DOES NOT kill these

things. The health board needs to get off their $%$%$%$ and bring back ddt to fix this ever growning problem.
It would be nice if people would just admit they have the bugs and petition the goverment to help.

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