538 Herring Cove Rd
Halifax, NS B3R

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I just moved in to the apartment. I am experiencing bed big bites and yesterday I literally saw them crawling over me with my eyes. This is horrific experience.

There is bed bugs at 538 herring cove Rd just found about 40 of them on the box spring and mattress

Paying for apartment at 538 Herring Cove Rd and for over a year have not lived there .. I requested a transfer and this was ignored. I lost all my furniture and requested compensation and this was ignored .. i still have them Metcap does not care.

In the fall of 2014, our building was infested with those nasty things. I saw one crawling out of an electrical outlet in my bathroom. I was sprayed only once in early December. I don't think they did a thorough job because last night, out of curiosity, I checked my mattress. Lo and behold, I must have scraped at least 20 of the gross things out from the seams of the mattress. I was so upset that I now sleep on the couch. I sprayed the mattress seams with rubbing alcohol, but I know I have to do

a lot more. The landlord said they only spray twice, no more. This is completely ridiculous, considering the amount of rent I pay each month. Now I'm going to have to get rid of a lot of my stuff.

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Received preventative bb spray the end of June 2014 because someone on 2nd floor had bbs. Orkin was brought in and sprayed incorrectly and by July I had bedbugs. I was sprayed in Aug, sept (twice), oct, nov25 sprayed by braemar and sprayed again on dec 5th ... I still have bedbugs!

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