36 Abbey Rd
Halifax, NS B3P

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I moved into this apartments in Sep 2011, The very night I had itchiness on my hands and legs at times even on my neck too. I visited my doctor and diagnosed it as bed bugs bite. After that I started hunting it down, every night (they come out usually when it is dark) I would kill at least 6- 8 of them in the night before sleeping for another 2 weeks (It was a ritual for that period of time, I had to switch off the lights for about 1 hour then again switch on the lights and would hunt them down,

I could find them crawling on the wall or onto the floor. Those carpet colours helped them to hide even better.). I still found a few coming up.

At the same period of time, property manager also had done the bed bug treatment to the house for the first time after we had moved in. But It was not of great help in reducing the problem.

Later I guessed it should be somewhere from those old dirty carpets where they could hide or the corner walls. So I sealed the gap between the walls with some tissue papers(The wall divided our house from our neighbour's house. One-2 tissue papers could enter into those small holes too). For another week I could find fewer bedbugs. Later none!!!! And there was a second round of bedbug treatment done by the property owner. There ends the encounter with bedbugs.

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Just after moving in there , within 2-3 days, bedbug started to bite my kids, after reporting several times, they changed the unit but we found bedbug there also crawling on the mattress and wall. We reported building management about that several times without any result. They always just lied that some pest control is coming next Monday, but nothing happened for 6 months and finally we left that HELL of Halifax.

This is my first experience with bed bugs and has been a long and grouling one as It is not me who has the infestation. I noticed these pests once the neighbors moved it, but I am not sure which. across the hall and next door both moved in about the same time.

They showed up a few months ago, few in numbers, I managed to kill between 10-30 during the month they were around, after suffering many bites... All was well until now, 2 months after I eliminated all traces of these pests they return


I have yet to inform the building officials, as I don't want to be held responsible, and I can only assume the source of the problem is thinking the same thing. But if this keeps up, I will be forced to move, or report them.

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