11 Ramsgate Ln
Halifax, NS B3P

Found 2 reports:

They are now at Melville Lodge as well.Contact public health PLEASE.

I was employed at this place of business. I was doing a bed change and saw a bedbug. I left the room and proceeded to retrieve 3 other staff members to come witness this bug.I was told to throw it in the toilet.I wrote this episode in the communications book, so I know other staff knew about it, as it is there for us to read.
I didn't think I was bitten untill I was showing my " hives " to a friend . I had 7 bites in a row on my upper left arm on the inside of my arm above my elbow.Eventually

( weeks later) they finally brought in the exterminators to the exact room that I was bitten in.The resident had eggs and bedbugs through his belongings. Unknowingly of course. i believe the date was July 28 or 29 somewheres arouind there.

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