7 Rufus Ave
Halifax, NS B3N

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My mother currently lives at this address. She is super tidy and a bit of a germaphobe. She has never seen a bed bug in the 2 years she has lived there.

I was viewing an apartment here recently, I was in the living room and in one of the corners I saw a small spec of something that looked like a pebble, I was questioning if there as anything I should know about this building they of course said no I went over to double check and as soon as I got close to it I saw that it was a dead bed bug but there was an alive one in the carpet . I mentioned it to the landlord or owner whatever they were and they said I must have brought it in on my clothes,

like seriously ??? There was a dead one in the corner.. like I would have brought a dead one put it in the corner where I never went until I questioned the apartment. Ok and then to find a alive one. Ha! As if. It discusts me how people will blame you for there problems. Fuck that place!

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Scott Coulter, I find your posts to be very inappropriate. Being left anonymous is our right, if we state that there may be presents of infestation, then perhaps... get it looked at right away, not weeks down the road. Why are properties hiring 'supers' who do not do there jobs, procrastinate and can't spell?

As property manage of this property as I stated several months ago, This building was tested and was bed bug free. Since then no one has come forward. Anyone can post an Anonymous post which means they have no weight what so ever. To the previous poster you need to state which unit you have been a 'guest' at and when. It is easy to hide behind the face of Anonymity while posting false and random statements.

Scott Coulter
Commodore Apartments Ltd

My friend and I have been to visit a few friends that live in the building, and we have witnessed the bedbug late at night, they hide EVERY WHERE!!
Baseboards, light fixtures, behind pictures, its pretty scary!! I think each and every apartment in this building should be inspected!! PRONTO!!

to the poster of the bed bug crawling near the bathroom sink is wrong. it would have died, it needs somethign to live off of. you need to do some research on bedbugs before you go spreading stories, this is a BIG thing

To the last poster:

You just heard of two people who have stated this.

I have lived in this apartment building for 2 years, never heard of one or seen one.

The truth is...there are bed bugs at this address. Why would you have to test a bedbug anyway?? I lived there last year and that is why I moved out.

I am the property manager, The above tenant came to me with a bug in a zip lock bag. The bug was not tested nor would the tenant go through the procedure to have the unit sprayed and tested. The above tenant still lives in the unit and has not given me notice to move out. There is 15 other tenants in the building and we have not seen any signs of bedbugs in the building. If you have any doubts, questions, or concerns feel free to call me at: 880-0793

Scott Coulter
Property Manager

odore Apartments Ltd

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January 3, 2011.

We found a small bedbug crawling near our bathroom sink. We bagged it as evidence. I expect some apartments also have bedbugs and that the infestation is growing.

We will be getting the word out.

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