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I spotted the first bug on my couch in Aug 2007, but did not know what it was. Within a couple weeks I started notciing red spots on my arms, and back but did not make the connection. I went to the doctor a month later, but they failed to diagnose it. I then found a couple of the bugs in my bedroom and google'd them on line and found out what they were. I spoke to the landlord immediately and found out that over half of the apartments in the building were infested and that as far as he knew it s

tarted in May, yet he failed to notify me about any of this.
I fumigated the apartment twice but as the landlord refused to fumigate the whole building at once, or even a floor at a time, the bugs just kept coming back. I ended up throwing out everything and breaking my lease in order to get out. It cost thousands of dollars, none of which I was reimbursed for.

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