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Bed bug filled units and they won’t tell you about previous problems, they don’t care if it’s fixed either. Save yourself the hassle and don’t move here.

Bed bug filled units and they won’t tell you about previous problems, they don’t care if it’s fixed either. Save yourself the hassle and don’t move here.

Not worth, full of mice and bugs. All buildings are old!

This has been a nightmare and it had started in June 2014 and has been on and off at times. At 141 Harlington Cres. with 25 units and started off that almost half was infested before I had found out what it was. My life has turned upside down. The property management paid for one month of free bags and washing of your clothes. Spraying was done in selected areas of the building and apartments. This had taken place all summer. My summer was gone, I couldn't have my family over or friends. When

I got dressed in the morning I would check myself over for bugs. Spray every morning my furniture with Tea-tree Oil and water mixture in a spray bottle to fight to save my furniture. I would shower,than get dressed and go out the door for work. Don't sit down anywhere on your furniture, because you would take it with you in your car and also take it to work. There was lost time from work for Doctors appointments and appointments for spraying of apartments. Lost work, time off to take the cat to a day care to have this done and I had to be out for the day. This happened a few times. I thought I was going to go crazy. I would wake up in the night and bed bugs would be biting me and I would see them. I was bit from my head to my ankles, multiple bites on my body. I work with the public and I was worried people would see me scratching in public and at work. Medication of skin cream helped a little. Mentally I had lost sleep and would wake up every hour. The bugs would be biting me at night. I felt dirty and sadness and Isolation. The Public health Nurse is a good place for information. All clean clothing is bagged and only taken out when I was going out the door and into my car. When I had come back and sat down on the furniture , then though clothes had to be washed and new ones put on when I had gone out the door again. This was info the Nurse had given me. So I could feel better that I didn't take it to work with me. In September was the third spraying and I had not seen anymore weeks after. By this time the summer was gone and I had spent around $800.00 of my own money to take care of this problem. Then in October an apartment in the building was being renovated. I had started to see the bedbugs again. I had seen a few here and then they were gone. I kept spraying my Tea Tree oil and water mixture on my furniture. Baby plugs still in sockets since June 2014. Double sided sticky take everywhere in the apartment. Then in January another renovation in the building of an apartment, the bugs were showing up in the bathroom and hall way of my apartment. I had reported it and they had someone come spray again. The spraying alone for my pet and myself is not healthy, it has been done many times. I worry about me touching the chemical or breathing it in. It has been a few weeks of the last spraying and I haven't seen any in a short time. I am praying it is the end. I ask the question, are they in the walls. They can live in the right conditions for up to a year. You use your own mind and think, it just could be. I will keep fighting this battle one way or another. I will make good changes in my life. One step at a time..

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We moved into 141 harlington, within hrs we found a bug. I forced killam to spray my apartment. A month later I got in contact with the old resident of my unit and he informed me that the building has been infested for sometime.

We only ever saw the one but we got out asap

I lived in 67 Harlington Cres apt 26 for a year from Aug 2008-July 2009. The place was full of silverfish and these little worm-type things. Not a nice place at all.

Bed Bugs in 211 Harlington Crescent from October 2011-March 2012 when they were finally eradicated from the infested apartment. No postings were made here, or anywhere else. Isn't that illegal?

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