92 Evans Ave
Halifax, NS B3M

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I moved in my new spot june 2014.
Starting noticing lots of bites on me when I would wake up. First thought it was the bugs of summer, Mosquitos, no-see-ums. Then thought maybe my cat has fleas, started treating for fleas.
Woke up one night at 3am noticed one running across my bathroom floor.

Did some research, found them on my box spring.
In process of dealing with the bugs via Braemar

My landlords, claim I am responsible for all costs of bed bug treatment because he building has had

no other reports. They told me I didn't need to inform my neighbours or anyone else.
I felt differently and notified my neighbour, only to learn a tenant upstairs was recently fumigated for bed bugs.

I feel that everyone in the whole building and surrounding area should be informed so everyone can keep their eyes open.
Hopefully this works and more people are informed of how landlords try to hide the seriousness of bed bugs.

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