7 Plateau Cres
Halifax, NS B3M

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I've been in this building for the last two years and I have never heard tell of Bedbugs. I was looking to move and was checking up on another building when I stumbled upon this building.

I must say that the management at this building have been nothing but kind and helpful with me.

we moved into the building a couple of years ago and had been getting bit a while after moving in. In sept.. we discovered the problem was actually bed bugs. I really can't comment on whether they were here before us moving in or if we somehow brought them in.. because there is no way of knowing. we called the super who had an exterminator sent to our apartment pretty much immediately. although this did not get rid of them completely.. the super arranged for the exterminator to return to our

place a couple more times (this was no cost to us), and now it seems we have been free of bed bugs for the past couple of months. Although having these bed bugs was very frustrating and stressful, we were very pleased with the way our super handled the situation and thankfully the problem doesn't seem to exist anymore. if anyone is currently experiencing them, I would suggest to be patient and to ask the super to have it sprayed. it might not work right away, but with much persistence.. it should eventually solve the problem.

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What floor do you live on... Becuase other people in this building do not have an issue with bedbugs. k thanks

P.S. k thanks!

To the landlord aka ouuuuueeeeeeeee posted on Oct. 31st, 2010:

You led us to believe that us having bed bugs was due the fact that we have a used couch when really, if you were to read all of the previous posts, you would realize that others have said that bed bugs were in the building before we even lived here (not that you didn't already know that). Not to mention, the couch was the only place that the guy that sprayed the apartment didn't find any (explain that). There are four university

degrees in this apartment so please stop trying to out smart us. Come on now, seriously, why do you try to stick up for Killam Properties so much? Are they really paying you that much money to try and convince their tenants that their building isn't infested?

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Well stop taking used furniture into the buidling, and maybe there would be none.. Go spend the extra bucks and buy your own furniture.. k thanks!

To the person who moved out in 2009, can you please tell me the apartment you moved out of? I am wondering this because we moved in during 2009 and have experienced bed bugs here shortly thereafter. Just when we think they're gone due to them spraying the unit, surprise, we find more!!! I am getting very frustrated with the issue and would like to know if they were in our apartment before we moved in. When we asked the landlord, she informed us that they weren't and that no one else in the build

ing had them (which I am now starting to find out different). Like I said, please let me know which apartment it was because if it is the same as the one I am in now, I need to take further measures with the issue. Thanks!

P.S. The anonymous person that wrote on Oct. 15th, 2010 was the landlord trying to change people's views on bed bugs being here since there are more than just us starting to confront her about the issue. I know everyone in this building and people talk. Most of the people living here...have moved in recently and those who haven't, definitely didn't write it!

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I live at 7 Plateau Cres and have for a few years and the building to my knowledge has never been infested.

I lived at 7 plateau in 2009 and the apartment building was infested with bedbugs. They will come in and spray the plae , but it didnt take them away for us.. so we had to move.

I just recently moved to 7 plateau crescent, and my girlfriend has been bit a couple times by something since we moved here and I was wondering if you could tell me what apartment you were living at in this building. The superintendent originally said we were moving into a second floor apartment, but then sort of at the last second she switched it to a different apartment. She said the previous tenants had no complaints about bugs (bed bugs or others) and so if the address you lived at before is

the one we currently live in, then that means she lied about this. I have a young son and my girlfriend is currently pregnant right now so I take this extremely seriously.

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Are currently experiencing bed bugs here. They are definitely not enjoyable. The landlord had someone in to spray our unit and unfortunately, they are still around. We were told that we had to wait 21 days after the first spray for the exterminator to do it again. We also had to throw out some of our furniture and will probably have to throw out more.

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