27 Stoneybrook Ct
Halifax, NS B3M

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BB were introduced early this year by a resident moving from 19 Plateau. The resident failed repeatedly to follow the procedure to eliminate BB. The Landlord tried its best to eliminate the problem but because of inability of the resident to follow the proper procedure it spread to no more than four units of which I was part of.The resident got evicted for other reasons( persistent domestic violence). Since they left the landlord did everything it could possibly been done to eradicate the proble

m. It's been over three months since we've been BB free. I also do understand the frustration of the resident for making the claim that building hasn't done enough to eradicate the problem since it's expensive, time consuming and inconvenient to deal with this issue. As a resident I feel with highest level of confidence that this issue has been dealt with and hope BB won't reappear.

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people in the building have introduced BB's into this place it has spread over a number of units and the management has failed to deal with the issue, they patch areas to cover there own buts but the bugs are still hear.

this was once a great place to live and now they let all rift-raft in and look what has happened

management does not offer assistance to help those they have had complain and they try and use the pitty excuse to make us feel sorry for them instead of them looking ou

t for the people who pay hard earned money to live in this building

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