25 Montgomery Ct
Halifax, NS B3M

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Cleanliness has absolutely nothing to do with bed bugs. Educate yourself Paul. The nicest hotels and the richest of rich get bed bugs. Your building does not get sprayed monthly so don't lie. I have a friend who lives in the building and it isn't sprayed monthly.

As the super attendant of this property as well of the the time this report was filed I can tell you that the isolated problem was indeed the fault of the tenant who kept her apartment in a mess and collected clothing and material from anyone or anyone she could. Her unit was the only one affected and treated that day and the problem was eradicated and none have been found since. To post such thing is cowardly and slanderous. I would appreciate this post being removed our building is sprayed eve

ry month as precautionary measures and have not had any other or further issues with these pests.

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