6335 Seaforth St
Halifax, NS B3L

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I'm living here now, nothing yet. Crossing fingers. I've had bed bugs before and found them to be an unbearable nightmare and really couldn't deal with them again.

I moved in and found welts all over me. One day I couldnt take it any more and despite what the doctors said, and a lack of evidence besides these "hives" I bought a new mattress and put a cover on it. I spent and akward night trying to make it work without a box spring and I woke with nothing. I made my facebook status "finally, a night free of hives" and right after that I got itchy on my arm. the arm I was leaning on the bed with. i saw something crawling in the corner of my eye. it was him.

I yelled at him and I cried so hard. I lost him, and then found and killed him. I tried to watch where he went, but he frustrated me. he was running pretty quick too. he was lost, without my bed.

I had Dottie the dog in to sniff around. They were in my WALLSSSSSSSSS. and my bed, bedding, dresser, and desk. GRREAT. I lost everything, I was covered in welts. COVERED. The fumigation didnt attack what was in the wall, as recommended by Brian the Bed Bug Detective I hired and paid for. I ended my lease promptly. When the landlord came to do the inspection he asked me "where the fleas gone". Like holy god. Are you kidding me. FLEAS>!?> agh. Only the top apartment was done, the whole house is infested.

3 floors. eeeeep.

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