3003 Olivet St
Halifax, NS B3L

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hello, this is the user from apt # 107 at 3003 olivet st.with an update. i just wanted to let people know that there is quite an infestation in this building, i found some vhs tapes in the garbage with a sign on it saying bed bugs beside a mattress. also my apartment has been sprayed once on april 27 with demand cs pesticide to kill the adult bed bugs, with promise to return on may 19 to do the second treatment for the eggs. the pest guy at ace pest control told me to stay out of the unit for

4 hrs and that it would be safe for my cat to stay in the bathroom during spray. the chemical was very strong smelling and caused my cat to go into shock and seizure. she has since passed away. people do not leave your animals in for treatment no matter how safe they say it is for them. the msds sheet advised animals be out of the area till dry. we returned 6 hrs later and my couch was soaking wet as were the dressers. the smell alone gave me a nose bleed and the product supplier called gardex/ sargenta said they didn't follow proper procedure. now the land lord said she will not be treating my unit again till after i vacate the premises at the end of the month when i move out... putting me at risk to possibly take the infestation with me to a new home. i am so upset and must call the tenancy board to see if they can make them spray again. update to follow.... oh and also i have heard someone on the third floor has them and also someone in the basement and another person on my floor in 112.

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In March of 2013 we had contracted bites and upon cleaning in our new renovated unit (203) we just moved into found 3 bugs, no eggs and stains on the matress next to the vent coming in from the neighbours below and above. Captured the bugs and management sent us pest control same day, sayin they were aware of the issue. Apartment was only fumigated once and have not seen them since although they are reported to be in the building. If it happens again I am moving out and leaving the furniture. th

ey did not notify any other neighbours or fumigated them to my knowledge.

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didnt have them when i moved in and now me and my toddler are infested. they are not intending on spraying the common areas of the building. i am trying to convince them to spray the hallways and the common area furniture that every one lounges on and also the laundry room in which i have been using to clean bug infested cloths. i heard someone else a few weeks ago taking about their own infestation outside when i was on my first floor balcony. i live in apt 107 i was also told by a neighbor t

hat the couple living in apt 102 had them in 2013. the lady in b3(basement) has a bad cockroach infestation too. i have told some of the neighbor's above me and below and on the sides of me to be careful. the landlord is not telling tenants about the problem, as they are worried people will move out. :( they are coming tomorrow to spray pesticide allover my place and again 21 days to check for re-infestation. i am worried if they don't spray the common areas the bugs will just come back. there is carpet and furniture in the foyers and hallways. i didn't find any bed bugs on my or my child's actual beds. or any where else. i have ripped the place apart!!! i only found them on the walls, ceiling, and behind a picture frame nesting in my living room. my daughter has not gotten bitten at all until yesterday whilst i have been bitten three times on my wrist once on my upper arm and once on my foot. i have only found three live bugs two that were in 2nd in-star nymph phase, and one in 4th in-star nymph phase. i date the beginning of infestation to approx mid February, when i had my first bite, chocked it up to maybe a flea or something. to actually spotting a bug last week around April 21st. today is April 26 2015 and ace pest control is coming either tomorrow or Tuesday depending on when the guy gets his work van fixed...until then i am sure i wont be sleeping.....

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I was bitten while living alone in the building in March 2012, and subsequently found bed bugs and eggs in one of the bedrooms. I've since moved out and am unaware of current control measures.

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