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To the person, "Admin Advocate: who posted saying they can only live in beds....do your research!!!!!

I made the HUGE mistake of moving into Ocean Towers I moved here from a rural area in NS and didn't even know bedbugs were real until I moved there as well as cockroaches!

We ended up taking them to court and I had just completed my Paralegal Services course and was working in a law firm when my boss (a lawyer) helped me through it all!!

AGain you should really do your research because

trust me I moved from my moms house and when you have bedbugs you know it!!!! And yes I hired my own exterminator after being ignored by management and they told me they can live anywhere in your apartment and that if you take a business card and hold it sideways bedbugs can actually squeeze into places that thin! We lost out on hundreds of dollars of stuff because you have to contintue sprayings to clear your stuff! And maybe not this building but in places like Ocean Towers it is in NO WAY the tenants fault when the whole building is infested and then your lied to when you say well I've been told theres issues and they deny it!

So all I have to say to you is do your research before you make statements like that! It is extremely stressful to go through! AND JUST TO LET PEOPLE KNOW THIS PERSON IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL AT ALL...BEDBUGS CAN LIVE ANYWHERE IN YOUR APARTMENT, WE EVEN SAW THEM CRAWLING UP WALLS, THE BACK OF THE COUCH...EVERYWHERE!!!


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I am going to tell you something this location that is going to blow your mind and probly make you wanna throw up.

I am a 39 year old male quadripelegic and I lived within this building and it was definitely and experience then I would never wish upon my worst enemy. I lived on the fourth floor in apartment 407. I moved in on May 1, 2010 and on august 26th, 2010, I woke up that morning infested with bed bugs all over my apartment. Guess what else happened? there were marks all over my body

from my neck all away down. I was completely sick to my stomach from seeing all the bed bugs bite on my body. being a quadriplegic and having this happen to you is definitely not a good situation. I was literally laying there in the night and being eaten up by these things without my knowledge because being a quadriplegic, means I was completely paralyzed chest level and down.

well, after that happening that morning I notified management right away and they blur either too take care of the problem right away my calling in the pest control people. the pest control people came by that afternoon to spray my apartment and we were told that we were not allowed to be back into the apartment for about 6 hours or so because of the chemicals they needed to spray in order to kill the bed bugs. I was not a happy camper at all, so what I did is march down to the main office to speak to someone that had the according to make things happen and find out exactly what they were going to do about my situation.

well, when I got down to the main office I will be into the building and ask to speak to someone who would be able to rectify my situation in the building that I was living in and clearly owned by Killam Properties Inc. and a gentleman that took me into the board room with a friend of mine that was with me, was not very receptive to my complaint of the bed bugs. gentleman spoke about another corporation that owns buildings in when they had um bed bug issues that their stock plummeted when it was made public. I clearly stated that was not my problem and that he really need to take care of the problem that was at hand right now and that was accommodating my situation and fixing the problem that I was currently in at the moment and that was not having a place to sleep because of the chemicals that was sprayed in my apartment could hurt my lungs due to my medical condition of being a quadriplegic.

well, during the meeting we had a heated discussion over what was going to transpire to rectify my situation for the night and the gentleman was not very receptive once again about resolving the issues that were at hand and I let him know that if they did not help me out and then I would go to the media and tell them my complete story. he seem to respond to that in a very positive way and now wanted to help me out with finding me accommodations for the night by using his credit card to reserve a room at a hotel that was wheelchair accessible. getting the gentleman to do that was like trying to pull the teeth on an elephant, but he went ahead and did it and we headed over to the hotel that he had reserved.

after all of that, my caregiver and I with a good friend of mine, washed all the laundry and bagged it up once it was done because that's what we were told to do in order to kill the bed bugs. we had to see all the bags with duct tape.that was a complete colossal nightmare, but they at least loaded the cards with funds to do most of it, but they ended that help shortly afterwards when they saw how much it was going to cost to get all of done.

There is more to this story, but you keep up with the news and join me in the class action suit that I will be filing after I win my case on January 17, 2012 at Access Nova Scotia with the Tenancy Board of HRM.

I want all who have been hurt Killam Properties Inc.,related only to bedbug infestation problems that cause them to lose everything that they had at the time, please contact me at: THEQUADFACTOR(AT)gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from anyone that wants to fight the good fight.

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I was thinking about moving into this location... I'm scared now... lol. How many other buildings of Killams are like this?? Are they really slumlords?

Some friends and I went to check out these apartments a few weeks ago... They showed us an apartment that was EXTREAMLY DISGUSTING!! and even that doesn't discribe what we saw.... the sink that was supposed to be white was black... while looking in the kitchen, a cockroach craweled out of the sink... there was a hole underneath a cuboard, which looked exactly like a rat hole... and When we asked as to if there was bed bugs, they did not deny it to us and stated that "well it's a big city, it's g

oing to happen sometime or another"

This was the worst apartment seeing I've ever experienced... needless to say, we aren't going to be living there!!

It was Truely disgusting...

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To the last post; Bedbugs can live up to 18 months without a blood meal, and if they can live in crakcs and crevices of furniture, they can difantly live in walls. Any COMPETENT pest controll agency will tell you that. And as for lol for suing, someone has to; if nothing else, this bed bug crisis has revealed all who are truly slumlords, and what goes around, comes around pal.

I did not live at this particular location, but have worked administration at building of similar size. Bed bugs don't reside and wait for fresh blood. They come in on second hand furniture or transfered from another hosting site. Ie. if a friends apartment has bugs and one is inside your pant leg. The building is not taking responsibility because its not their fault.

Bedbugs don't live in carpet, on walls or in wood. They live in your bed, hence the term bedbugs. They can be transferred to

other locations but generally cant live for more than a day, in transit. So unless you just moved in the day after someone moved out it is not the building to blame. The building should spray when there is a report, but its the tenants responsibility to rid the apartment of the bedding to ensure the chemicals get them all.

For all the people planning to sue (lol) or who want reimbursement, any exterminator will tell you the above information. So be wary of your neighbors and friends in the building because those are the people you should be upset with, the people who brought them into the building.

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When I lived in Quinpool Tower in 2007 and 2008 much of the 10th, 11th and 12th floors were infested. I know because I walked around knocking on doors, talking to people and taking notes.

Killam Properties refused to alert other tenants to the infestation, even after we requested that they do so. Many of the people I talked to had been bitten for weeks without knowing what was going on.

Killam also pursued a completely ineffectual strategy to get rid of the bedbugs - they would spray one a

partment, then later spray another, allowing plenty of time for the bugs to move around and survive.

I don't know what measures they've taken since we moved out, but I'm not surprised to see that the place is still infested.

We had to destroy all of our mattresses and bedding and a good deal of our furniture and clothing, costing us thousands of dollars. Killam refused to compensate us at all or even reduce our rent during the months we lived with the bugs.

If you have a choice, don't live here.

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Last year I first lived on the 4th floor, and I didnt experience any bites. In the kitchen around the counter were little bugs which was told to me was some kind of rice bug or something that someone bought there. They sprayed the place and we didnt see them after.

However, we later moved to the 3rd floor, same building, just one floor down and on our moving night while putting utensils in the drawer we spotted a cock roach. First we were in disbelief, but told the landlord right away who sai

d theyd spray it in a few days, the next evening opened the cupboard with cereal boxes in and seen one crawling over the box. we did see quite a few before spraying. Once it was sprayed ( they only sprayed the kitchen) i thought they should have sprayed the bathroon as well cuz i had heard they also stay in bathrooms. After being sprayed we may have only seen one or two, one of which was on the shower curtain as a roomate was showering, it was pretty stunned tho and didnt try to escape.

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I have experienced this problem in 2060 Quinpool from Jan 2008 - Sept 2008. I know people are still having problems there.

Since December 2008.
Me and my roomates were experiencing bites, but they were confirmed by the exterminator the first week of January. Watch out, because these critters can crawl through electrical outlets and travel through walls.

At least since November 2008, maybe earlier.

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