Cunard St
Halifax, NS B3K

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The MacDonald Apartment Building, 5885 Cunard Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 1E3, Last summer, 2014, I was told by a female tenant that she had bedbugs in her apartment. She was in the process of throwing things out,washing cloths, etc., and said that her apartment was fumigated once, and that it needed another fumigation. She did say that they found bedbugs everywhere in the apartmenet. This lady shared her apartment with another lady, and that the two of them were taking turns, staying ove

rnight in the apartment. She said that she thought the bedbugs came form the baseboards. Trying to find out information as a tenant in this building, I was told that it was nobody's business, and that there is a privacy matter here. So HUSH HUSH from head Realstar spokeperson, but also HUSH HUSH from apartment mangaement. This lady had no problem telling other tenants that she had bedbugs in her apartment, but that was not the case by the Realstar spokesperson or apartment mangagers. I don't know if the bedbeg situation has been cleared up, but I didn't wait around to find out. I have moved out of this building.

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We signed a lease and went home for the summer, and had sublettors renting our unit. one of the sublettors accepted a mattress from a renter of a lower unit (same building) which was infested with bed bugs. they got the mattress out immediately, but the bed bugs continued to come up through the other units. Fleas as well, I might add. Our landlord refuses to take action, because he doesn't want to spend money. he is trying to use turpentine, and is not taking care of the problem.

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