5565 Cornwallis St
Halifax, NS B3K

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From the Gordon B Isner Building
The Battle of the Bugs has been going on here for more than three years. I have vacuumed every day and have steam cleaned what I can and laundered what can be laundered and spread borax around the baseboards of the walls. It did seem to get rid of bugs for a short while - but they do come back. I was told by a sneering person to whom I had complained, that the bugs are evidence of dirty tenants - and that 5 star hotels have them. I did not like it that they had

a dog in here, with long, sharp toenails, and ordered him up on my delicate, hand crocheted, pure white, and very clean bedspread. They went into every apartment - but taking no particular care not to carry the bugs from apartment to apartment. The management has sprayed. They were rude when asked about the toxicity to humans of what they were using. I want to move, but how do I move without taking bedbugs with me? I cannot afford to abandon and repurchase all my personal possessions.

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You said no reported bugs. There is a high infestation in this building. The Bug Company comes in our building EVER TUESDAY AND FRIDAY of every week. On my floor out of 14 apartments only three do not have a problem. Dog came in building, then housing realized how bad it is in here. I had none when dog came in. Each side of me is loaded with bugs, they were sprayed 9 times each and still have bad issues. Over last 4 months I have found 2 dead ones, 3 live ones. They poked a few holes

in my perimiter walls, and sprayed strong powder, supposedly so when they sprayed each apartments on each side of me. Each time I saw 1 bedbug after being sprayed with the powder I also got sprayed 4 more times. again I only saw one each time. There is absolutely NO SIGNS OF BUGS each time they were here to spray me.They waited 10 days between sprays. I do everything humanly possible NOT to have a problem with these bugs as it grosses me out and cannot sleep. Have not slept well in a long time.

I am being sprayed every 2 weeks regardless, seen only a couple in 4 months, washed everything I should, which I cannot afford. Had to empty all dressers and bag. I am disabled and cannot do the work myself. They cannot get rid of a couple so how in the heck can they get rid of severe infestation on each apartment on both sides of me. The bachelors on each side are definately NOT doing what they need to do. They have way tooo much clutter to every get rid of them. One man has more bedbug bites on both arms and back than he has bare skin. The bug people only are in my apartment about 5-10 minutes or less They are doing something wrong! This is gross and embarassing. Also cannot move as no guarantees. The housing should shut down building, move everyone and treat whole building at once. THEY HAVE TO DO SOME OTHER TREATMENT OR GAME PLAN SOOOON. THIS BUILDING IS LOADED WITH THE BED BUGS, EVEN HAVE SEEN THEM ON ELEVATORS.

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